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  • Lucinda - An exquisite historical masterpiece that evokes its era accurately, and which is an exceptional example of great literature.

    This astounding literary achievement by author of thirteen novels including `a place of greater safety', `beyond black' and more recent works such as `Wolf Hall' that have been met with great critical acclaim and positivity. Hilary Mantel in my opinion is one of our greatest novelists and who never ceases to amaze readers with something new and fresh which astonishes one every time, as just when you think she could not produce another exceptional piece of iconic work, then `Bring up the bodies' comes out of the shadows. She is the first British author to have won two Man Booker Prizes and the first female individual to have won with two consecutive novels in 2012, which is not only a admirable achievement but which is clear indication of her accomplished ability as a writer.

    A continuation of `Wolf Hall' one is sent back to the court of Henry VIII to witness the irresistible and noteworthy rise of Thomas Cromwell, as he contrives the destruction of Anne Boleyn. It is the year 1535 and Cromwell is chief minister to the King, whose say and influence over Henry is impacting on the events that shape the future during changing and difficult times. Anne Boleyn has failed to produce a male heir and with the split from the Catholic Church, Cromwell is eager to pacify the King and appease him by finding a solution that will safeguard the nation together with securing his own career - for he is an ambitious man. Meanwhile Henry's attentions turn towards the captivating Jane Seymour, and as thought turn to Anne Boleyn's final end neither Cromwell nor the King will emerge unscathed from the bloody theatre of her final days...

    This is the intensely gripping, significant re-telling of this most terrifying moment within history, told by a literary genius whose writing style is fluid and atmospheric thus bringing the past to life!

    The narrative is modern, with historical elements being given a contemporary twist with such a fresh, current voice that readers of 2012 can connect with the past in such a magnetic way. The tumbling fury and terror of the times is brought to life, with the arresting opening sentence of this novel drawing you into the saga "...His children are falling from the sky". The research is delicately interwoven into the story so that you are not bogged-down with endless intricate details, and Mantel's language is so fine and tantalizing that you loose yourself within this delicate web of interconnecting characters and differencing of opinions as Britain alters. The political mechanics of the age and a deep insight into the inner workings of Cromwell's mind gives this tale such depth, together with such sensory description layered over the historical research as to give it sound structure and body; hence there is much weighty substance to underpin the narrative.

    The world of Henry Tudor is remarkable and for anyone who is interested in the War of the Roses and one of the greatest monarch's who ever sat upon the throne, should definitely pick up this novel which is the second instalment within the `Mantel's trilogy'. It focuses on the part of the call from the Tower of London to bring the accused to trial and continues the relentless frustrations of Henry seeking out a male heir who would succeed the throne. This tale is exciting, full of electric tension and nail-bitingly dramatic scenes that have you hooked unable to let go and which makes it really stand-out from other historical fictional works. Being written in the present-tense gives the reader a sense of realism as the drama unfolds before your very eyes in the at this point in time, and so it feels less like you are looking back onto the past but rather that this important piece of history is very much a part of the present.

    A spectacular read and one that I would highly recommend for I was most impressed and so shall be looking forward to the final instalment, within an epic, outstanding and totally brilliant trilogy.

  • Miguel A.Tovar - An essential reading for physicians and medical students

    This book is the first of its kind and a must read for anyone interested in Social Media in healthcare. Despite his youth, Dr. Bertalan Meskó (or Berci) is already an acknowledged authority in this field. As the founder of the world's first university elective course focusing on Medicine and Social Media for medical and public health students Berci is an authoritative voice on the subject. You just have to Google his name to check that I'm not exaggerating.

    By writing this educational book he has again demonstrated his passion and commitment in guiding medical students and physicians to acquire skills in digital literacy to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes.

    As someone who has a vast knowledge and experience in the practical use of Social Media the book is well structured, clearly written and full of useful tips and well-chosen examples. Each chapter ends with a self-test and next steps to encourage you to think about how to apply the concepts in your own practice. How to deal with privacy concerns and the protection of the confidentiality of patients have been definitely highlights for me.

    All links and further reading recommended in each chapter have been grouped at the end of the work, which can be useful for later review.

    As a conclusion, 'Social Media in Clinical Practice' is an essential reading and I will be suggesting it to everyone I know in healthcare who wants to take advantage of the Social Media space professionally but is not sure about how to proceed.

    Disclosure: Social media brought us together about four years ago and now I am honored and proud to have Bertalan Meskó as a friend.