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  • Mr Jonathan A Field - A good SSD is seriously one of the best upgrades you can make to a computer that doesn't already have oneI bought it for a friend. Their Windows 7 start and shutdown times have been SLASHED. Programs start faster. The whole system stays responsive even whilst doing disk-intensive things like installing software. He's happy!

    Do note that the friend started getting severe overheating issues on their laptop after installing this SSD. e.g. when the virus scanner was running, the laptop would run way hotter than it used to when it had a hard disk instead of an SSD.

    Finally we realized : the virus scanner used to spend a lot of time waiting for data to load off the hard disk, so the CPU was not running at full capacity, so the CPU was generating less heat. With an SSD, the disk access is so much faster that the virus scan takes less time, but in the process, the CPU stays busier and generates a lot more heat!

    How did we fix it? His laptop was several years old, and it turns out the built-in cooling fan was caked with dust. We gave it a good clean, and now his laptop is running 20 to 30 degrees cooler than it used to, and is zipping along wonderfully with this SSD! We are very happy!
  • T. Beck - Easily the Best Tablet on the MarketI have been using my Prime since Christmas, I love it. I have owned both a HTC Flyer and a Sony Tablet S, the Prime will kick both their butts any day, any time. I will spare you going through the specs as they are posted above. I have recently purchased the dock for the Prime (I'm actually typing this review on it) what a great addition to this already great tablet, I have noticed that the dock greatly improves my battery life and it also sports a full usb port and a full sd card slot. Since the Prime has a HDMI out, I plug in a controller to the dock and I have myself a kick a$$ gaming console, the cpu can support many console quality games.

    Overall, I am greatly pleased with my purchase, I got what I payed for and then some, when an upgrade is needed, I will definitely return to ASUS.

    The Case I Use:
    Poetic(TM) 2in1 Ultra Light Leather Case for Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 10.1-Inch Android Tablet
  • B. Dean - It has EVERYTHING!I can't understand all the negative reviews! This book literally contains everything I could ever ask for in a book. Recipe for spanokopita? Check! Name of every person ever born? Check! Next week's powerball, bingo, MLB, and NASCAR results? Check! By randomly combining and recombining the contents at random, I have read the works of Shakespeare, Harry Potter 8: the Tomb of Crying Stilton (to be released in 2014), the Bible AND the REAL Bible. I threw out my other books when I realized I could just jump around in this book and derive any other book I wanted. I think Borges wrote a story about this, but it's taking me a while to find that story in my book. I did find some steamy erotica this morning, though, so who's complaining?