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  • Bertha Bearden - GREAT PRODUCT--GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICEI would like to take this opportunity to commend you on your production & customer service for the Kindle. My husband bought one as a surprise gift for me at Christmas.
    I absolutely LOVE IT!!! I am a bookworm & love to read. It is so nice not to worry about
    what page you're reading or keeping up to make sure you don't finish a book while away on a trip without packing a spare one. The built-in dictionary is a dream. I could go on & on but I'm sure you have heard all the raves.

    I really want to give credit to your Customer Service department for a superb job. When I noticed that my Kindle was displaying strange lines at the top of every page, I was so afraid that it would be weeks before I would get mine repaired. I can't go for weeks without reading & I thought I would have to purchase the book I was currently reading to continue.
    To my surprise, I called Customer Service at 7:00 PM on 07/12/10 & spoke to Carl. He
    Was soooo nice & helpful. He tried to reset it over the phone, but when that did not correct the problem--he said I'll have you a replacement tomorrow. Guess what?? When I got home at 7:00 PM the next night---there it was!!! --& I live in a SMALL community. I have stated many times that this is the BEST GIFT I have ever received & once again, proves that to be correct. Thanks again for your time & co-operation.
  • Damian - Perfect Size, Great price, Apple QualityI was about to buy a Nexus 7, but I really didn't like the screen. I tried some other android tablets about this size but none of them have the quality the iPad mini has. I think its worth to pay a bit more for a more decent screen, as I planned to use it to read and view graphic content like Pinterest, Dribbble, Photojournalism, etc.
    I really like how much the battery last, It's great that I can have it 2 or 3 days without charging, while I've to charge my mobile phone everyday.
    The downside is that in Android you've a lot more of free apps. Most of the free apps in iOS have items inside you've to pay to unlock. You may think that's because there are great quality apps, but some of them are just not so great apps insisting on sell you stuff.
    Finally, I really miss Swype from mi Android phone. It's still a pain for me to write on the ipad, and I see it difficult to get used to it anytime.