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  • Daniel B - An Enlightening Read!Although this book is seriously controversial and banned in many countries, where owning a copy could result in a swift execution, I must commend Captain Trimmer for presenting his “radical” new theory based off analytical research. Captain Trimmer may have been ostracized by worldwide academics, but he is still a highly respected scholar within my intellectual circle.

    While nearly every university researcher from the “International Committee of Huge Ship Safety” has forever declared that the responsibility of avoiding a ship collision rests solely on huge ships and not pedestrians, Captain Trimmer shakes the very bedrock of the ICHSS’s findings by declaring that the common man can avoid huge ships on his own.

    I recall the days of my college years when I took part in the university sponsored book burnings of Captain Trimmer’s work. How young and foolish I was!

    It was not until I was walking through the beaches of Lake Shore one day when I saw a huge ship heading in my direction and, rather than expecting the ship to move, I moved at an angle where the ship could not possibly hit me. It was then that I experienced a deep revelation, similar to Saint Paul's vision of Christ on the road to Damascus! I found a copy of Captain Trimmer's book in the black market and read it in its entirety in one sitting. I felt intellectually liberated and ever since then I have held secret book discussions with other followers in forests, caves, and the catacombs so that the police could not find out.

    If you want to take the power and learn how the individual can avoid huge ships on his own, you must read this book!
  • - Great book that strips away Camelot's false lusterMr. Hersh has done an excellent job in exposing the lies and sleaze that was all over the Kennedy administration. While JFK will always be remembered as a martyred president, this book shows the things he should be remembered for, namely Vietnam, stolen elections, and adulterous affairs that may have ultimately (and inadvertantly) cost him his life in Dallas. Those under the spell of the mythic "Camelot" will not like this book, but it is medicine that is sorely needed.