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  • college mom - Still works great 1 year later!I received this for Christmas a year ago and have been extremely happy with it. I use it almost daily and have had no problems. I use well water that's just been filtered through a Britta. With any other type of coffee brewer I would have had to clean the water deposits out at least 3 times by now to still get any kind of flow.

    As several reviewers have stated, it is not the same as something you would expect from a commercial espresso machine. As long as you aren't expecting a $4.00 latte from Starbucks I think you'll be very happy with this machine. It's a real close 2nd.

    It froths great. I use 1% milk and get more foam than fits in my travel mug using the 1-serving amounts. You can easily alter the coffee to milk ratio if you want more or less coffee flavor. Different coffees require different amounts depending on your taste. Just experiment a little till you get the desired combination. It takes less than 5 minutes to brew so it's something you can do at the last minute. Clean up is easy. Empty the basket of coffee grounds and wipe the pot out with a warm, soapy sponge then rinse the pot and the frother.

    I've tried other home capuccino/latte makers. This one blows them out of the water. I couldn't be happier.
  • Bethalina7 - Great meal replacement.My mother is not fond of asking for help. I have found that by providing this meal replacement drink and having it on auto shipment is a great way to assist her. She needs to eat to take her medication but rarely has an appetite. She is unable to lift heavy objects and it is very convenient to have delivered to her door. She is appreciative. I can help in this way even though I live 600 miles away. It gives me peace of mind.
  • Virginia Falcon - Tax Cut becomes HR Block at HomeI've used this product for about ten years now, and with one exception one year, it's been super easy for us to submit our joint return. That one year there was "tinkering" at the factory (the software developers) and some of their questions were simply non-sensical and gave us some doubt as to whether the information we input was going to give us an accurate tax return. It did, and we've been very happy with the ease, and the price, of this product. If you'll look on some of the price tracking web sites, you can decide if you want to wait for the price to drop, or just go ahead and buy it now and get your return filed. The price I paid on Amazon was about half of what it is today (Feb 9, 2012) simply because I grabbed it on one day when the price dipped. Of the two major tax preparation products, this one is by far the best for several reasons: it leads you through your return by simply asking questions; it's got many ways you can stop and seek "help," all of which were quite supportive in my view; the price is usually about $10-$15 less than the other product; it quickly imports data (your name, SSAN, mutual funds, expected employers' data, etc, so you don't have to type this repetitive information into your 1040 every year. Yes, I'm sure they both do about the same thing, but why pay more for the other product?
  • Gabby1997 - Children DO COME WITH A MANUALWe have really awesome kids in every way except one. 'They ARGUE CONSTANTLY and we have been dealing with this for 7 years daily. 'When we received the Total Transformation on the first day we listened to the one minute CD and got INSTANT results. 'In the program we learned not to accept our children blaming us for their anger and issues. We learned how to walk away and not engage in long winded confrontational conversations. We became in control and not our children. 'This program isn't JUST for the really unruly out of control children. 'It's for EVERY child. 'There is something to learn in this program for EVERY parent no matter what stage of behavior their child is at. 'As a parent we have the fishing line and hook AND Total Transformation is the POLE. The program is worth EVEY penny and sooo much cheaper and way more effective than therapy. 'I highly recommend to parents to invest in this program and do what it says and you WILL see results. 'If you order the program under the Free Gift in exchange for filling out the survey do be aware that the survey is VERY long and takes time and effort but well WORTH IT.
  • Jack L. Aiello - Bask in Tuscan Whole MilkI enjoy Tuscan Whole Milk. It's the only milk I'll ever drink. Sometimes I have it with my cereal or with a sensible cookie, like Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chip; not Oatmeal. I even use it in my coffee. When I'm feeling particularly wild, I'll even have milk the way Laura Ingalls or the Waltons did: with my dinner. With Beans and Rice, it's extra nice.

    Sometimes, I like to pour Tuscan whole milk down my boyfriend's chiseled torso for dramatic sexual effect.

    Tuscan Milk. It's Liquid White Gold.