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  • Georgia Peeples - functional and stylish cool new productThis Mountain Buggy Mini stroller is absolutely great for getting around town and/or parks. It's light weight (about 17 pounds) and perfectly balanced 3 wheels make for easy maneuvering over curbs, down paths and just about anywhere you need to go. On top of being so durable, it comes in pretty much any color your child prefers. Very cool!
  • Keeka - AMAZINGThe First-Aid 2011 book (which shipped extremely fast in December 2010) is an amazing supplement to any basic sciences curriculum aimed at preparing medical students for the USMLE step 1. It contains important information on the exam and a good compilation of high-yield topics to focus on and knowledge to reaffirm.
  • Clarknt67 - Accept no substitutes at your Occupation!I have found Tuscan Whole Milk to be absolutely necessary component of any occupation demonstration. Whether delivered by New York's Finest, Seattle's men in blue or the Oakland PD, pepper spraying dissatisfied and unruly proletariats is the new normal. Only Tuscan Whole Milk provides the perfect cool and fatty balm that soothes the inevitable blinding that is the price we pay for exercising our right to freely assemble in today's United States!

    Truly, Tuscan Whole Milk is all that stands between the unchecked tyranny of the oligarchs. Stock up now, before the One Percent acquires it all!
  • Siddharth - Now go buy a Tuscan Cow!I tried this product. That was about 3 months ago. Since then I have had nothing else to drink. I emptied my wine cellar. Gave away my Whiskey to Italian Hobos in exchange for...yes...Tuscan Whole Milk! But still I was worried - what if I went a day without a gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk. The though was unbearable.So now I finally solved the problem. Yes, I got myself A Whole Tuscan Cow. It looks a lot like a bull but its not. Its a cow! From Tuscanny. I know so cause this guy on my street, Guidio told me his cousin Fellatio in Tuscanny is a master Tuscan Whole milk producer.Yeah! Now I can bathe in gallons of Tuscan Whole Milk. Finally, my life has meaning. Thanks Amazon.
  • Donna Gazafy - God or PoliticsThe author speaks of the "behind the scenes of politics" of which the average American citizen is seldom exposed or understands. The book "opens" one's eyes to the reality of Washington's adjendas and the conflict it creates with our lives; the Constitution...and our rights! Everybody should have the opportunity to read this book and decide for themselves what we are losing through our political apathy.