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  • Jayne P. Bowers "jayne bowers" - Spiritual ElectricityI thoroughly enjoyed reading (and then rereading) Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. Although I purchased the book on the recommendation of writer friend, I saw right away that this book spoke to artists and creators of all types. I don't paint or sculpt or make jewelry, but I now know that I'm an artist too! Whether in my decorating style, wardrobe choices, or writing, I've learned to be braver about listening to the divine voice of the universe.

    At first it seemed like a self help book, but as I continued reading I could easily see that it was much, much more. Peppered with wonderful quotes and divided into twelve chapters that take the reader along the journey to her creative self, The Artist's Way also includes a question and answer section, a creative clusters guide, and an appendix entitled "Trail Mix." As for how the book has influenced me, I usually do my three pages each day, and a friend of mine and I are considering initiating a creative soon as we find just the right mix of people.

    It's a great book! To all skeptics out there, you might want to consider Erica Jong's quote from the chapter on recovering a sense of power: "Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame." The spiritual electricity is out there; you just have to ask for it and then stop, look, and listen.
  • Pam Smith - Law-tied Uterus SyndromeAt age 68, at the feet of Sen Wendy Davis, I found myself in awe of these shoes. The one day that I have worn them has rejuvenated the feeling that I own my personal uterus. I can feel the states of Texas, Virginia, Mississippi, Wisconsin, etc, slowly dropping out of my lady parts. These shoes make me feel lighter and more in control of my body. I highly recommend these shoes to the busybody men who play doctor in the governments of all states and in the federal government, as well. May all of these men wear these shoes with courage and experience the pleasures of their hands rather than imagining the little men fetuses pleasuring them.
  • geraldine Landry - Breath taking words and PicturesThis is not your typical book, you will love the adventure and travels of Susan as though you were her friend back home she was writing to, about each place she visited, She becomes your friend, You will Love every page of this book, Lovely to look at as much as too read. You will want to go through it again and again. If you don't already, you have to follow her blog. The recipes are great! I tried Orange Lavender Polenta Cake, on page 214 . I made it with lemon. It is addicting, I Ate it warm , great for breakfast ,and a snack