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City: 18501 Scranton, Pennsylvania

  • Mirabela F. Ticu "revit lover" - Add this one to your collection!

    I find this book to be very comprehensive. The overall layout is logical with lots of great screen shots that make this very easy to read and apply. The authors' experience and character is conveyed through their writing. With over 1,000 pages this book contains a lot of valuable information for any user at any level. I love the Project Gallery because it shows how Revit is used as a tool for not only documentation and construction but for visualization and sustainability. Oh... and the appendices are very helpful as well! I recommend this book to all: beginners, experienced users and students alike.

  • ASPPAgal - My feet love these shoes

    I bought these in rouge red as a tribute to Wendy Davis and her courageous filibuster. After buying the Mizunos I discovered Wendy also knows her shoes. I wear them all day and -- they're so comfortable -- I don't even want to take them off when I get home after work!

    Women deserve unfettered access to safe medical care (and equal pay for equal work). Wendy is right about more than her shoes. Stop the craziness. Stop the war on women.

  • James Ondricek "Nurse2" - Office the way it should be

    This works perfectly on my MAC. Thanks for bringing the software I use every day at the office, home to my family. Everything works just as good on MAC as my PC at work. Kids can do their homework on it and there is no difference that I have found yet. I highly recommend and the price is great also.

  • C. Macfetters "macfe" - Fear in action.

    Government helpers that came to New Orleans were managed by their fear of what they thought was happening, not what was truly taking place. Sad that lives were lost due to this effort to tame New Orleans and teach"them" a lesson.
    Many more guns were brought here than meals,water and boats,things that were needed the most.
    The failure of the federal levees caused the flood. Four years later we are still "waiting for Godot".