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  • Screenwriter Morgan - Good for broken heartsAfter breaking up with my imaginary girlfriend Felicia Day, I found myself in desperate need of some good old-fashioned comfort food -- Lucky Charms. However, when I went to the refrigerator, the only liquid available was a small container of rice milk. Rice milk! My heart is shattered into a thousand pieces and I'm supposed to drink the lactation byproducts of rice? I think not! Luckily, a friend turned me on to and I found this incredible product offered at such a reasonable price. Naturally, I went with Amazon's new "Previous Day Delivery," which actually has the item arrive 24 hours prior to ordering it. Sure enough, immediately after taking the credit card number of my neighbor (who probably won't notice it for at least another two weeks), there it was in my refrigerator. I strongly recommend this item -- and if you're the guy who's dating Felicia now, good luck, man. You're going to need it.
  • Kim Brophy - MUST READ for all who care about their health!!I read this cover to cover the first time I picked it up.(not a very long book, but I am not a big reader) It was astonishing to learn how drug companies manipulate our health for profit!! Haven't started the treatment yet, but have read tons of good stuff about the benefits of h2o2. Hope it works, bought mine today; will start treatment tomorrow.
  • Michelle Laue - Pleasantly surprised by this bag!This was my first handbag purchase from Amazon. I wasn't sure about buying a bag without being able to firsthand feel the quality of it. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived! It's a sturdy bag, NOT a flimsy or thin material, nice lining, roomy, extra pockets, divided pocket. I will definitely buy this brand again without any hesitation!
  • Elaine Holt - Great for any road trip!This book is great at letting you know where to get off for services. You can also plan ahead to determine where it is best to get gas and/or food. It is easy to use/follow, and accurate for the services available at an exit and which direction from the exit. So thankful my Aunt recommended it to us for our cross country road trip!
  • Kerpal Julapubre - There is a codeIf you use the following algorithm, you will find that the eigth digit of every eight page forms a message. I would post the message that is outputted, but I fear that the author may persecute me for my actions, so do it yourself. Here is the formula:

    by the way, the output number is a number of the US alphabet, 1=a, 2=b etc.
    "n" is the digit you want to convert.

    Footnote: take the absolute value of your outputted number, and if it is too high continue dividing by two until it is < or = to 26