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  • Bob Seal "BJ Seal" - How To Make Garden of Life Raw Meal Taste Fantastic!Garden of Life - RAW Meal - 1130g Powder

    This Garden of Life Raw Meal is a fantastic product as many other reviewers have noted so I will not repeat their rave reviews of how this product helps with eating a healthier diet whether your goal is weight loss, diabetes management/prevention, or just overall better health. Many complain of the taste of the Garden of Life Raw Meal and I have concocted two different Super Shake meals that taste fantastic, are made with the addition of small amounts of additional super foods which the amounts of which can be adjusted easily to fit your needs. These shakes were developed to be safe for people with diabetes, autoimmune diseases and to be great for weight loss and just overall health maintenance.

    Shake #1 The Easier Chocolate Berry Raw Meal Shake

    There are a very small amount of organic raw chocolate products in this shake and it is sweetened by stevia (stevia has no sugars or carbohydrates), organic acai berry frozen puree and fresh organic raw berries. If you don't know by now, raw chocolate/cacao and acai berries are both super foods with the highest anti-oxidant values of all foods in the world (Google these foods and their ORAC values if you really want to know.) Small amounts of fresh raw berries can be added if desired for maximally enhanced flavor - these are also highly nutritious raw foods. Use all organic foods or it will kind of ruin the whole idea.

    You will need a blender to make the shake, a high powered one if possible. This makes approximately one 16 oz serving.
    Step 1: Put in the amount of Garden of Life Raw Meal you desire in the blender
    Step 2: Unless you are allergic to raw chocolate/cacao products, add the following ingredients to the blender. If you are allergic to raw chocolate/cacao you might want to add some carob powder instead:
    - 1/4-1/2 tsp raw organic chocolate powder
    - 1/2 tsp raw cacao nibs
    - 1 tsp raw cacao butter
    - 1-2 tbs raw Artisana (or other brand) coconut butter
    - 100 grams (about cup) flash frozen acai berry puree.
    - cup of the following, sliced fresh blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries (adjust as desired for calories, taste, etc)
    - Stevia, about dropperful, add in small amounts and taste until the sweetness level is right. Stevia is a very powerful sweetener.
    - Vanilla extract, if desired
    - Add water until consistency is as you prefer it. Start with about 2 cups to begin and add more as needed.

    Shake #2 The Easy Chocolate, Coconut, Berry-healthy Raw Meal Shake

    Follow all steps above for Shake #1 although you will find it easier to leave out the raw fresh berries if you wish. This shake contains a whole young coconut, and small amounts from two other products that improve the functioning of the Raw Meal in my experience.

    Add the following additional ingredients to Step 2, above for Shake #1:
    - Health Force brand Earth powder - use as instructed on product label, about 1 tsp.
    - Health Force brand Fruits Of the Earth powder - use as instructed on product label, about 1 tsp or more for delicious berry flavor.
    - One young coconut, add both coconut milk/liquid and white coconut meat. You will need a large cleaver-type knife to slice off the top of the coconut to access the liquid and interior meat. It is important to purchase the young coconut (available at Whole Foods markets or similar natural foods markets around the world.) as they are far healthier and easier to use than the more mature coconut.
    Do not substitute shredded dried coconut or other product. Just leave it out unless you can find the real thing as described here.

    All of the ingredients may be adjusted to fit your taste and/or diet requirements. Shake #2 is an unbelievably healthy SuperShake that has changed my life. Grab yourself a high power blender and the organic ingredients and feel great, enjoy super wonderful tasty all-in-one meals, (and lose weight - if that is your goal).

  • 1hapiflip - Just like newUpgraded from a smaller 7 in tablet and what a difference. I think it has the most recent OS but will upgrade if not There didn't appear to be any cosmetic wear. It starts up quickly and wasn't full of bloatware. I also installed a 32gb micro SD so the wife can load up on pictures, movies etc. It's only been a few days but so far so good. Very pleased!
  • "mom_2_3" - It is taking me on my own spiritual journey...I always have been a believer and a prayer. My relationship with God has been a little, well, non-existant as of late. Not by HIS choice of course. I am on a journey, as many people in this book are, in rediscovering the love of God and the unshakable faith I yearn for.Today I finished the first book in this series and can't wait to receive my second! I already miss Father Tim, Dooley, and Cynthia! The prayers and scripture are moments I feel I am spending with God in an entertainment arena.Thanks to Jan! and God! Father Tim and his allies preach to each other in a warm and loving way
  • Brandi U - What an eye-opening experience!Ok, first things first: THIS IS NOT AN EASY FIX!!! For that matter, it isn't even a weight loss plan, per se. This is a choice to learn about your body, and it ain't for sissies! My husband and I have been at this for a month now.
    Some background:
    We both are moderately overweight (20-30 pounds to lose), but not obese. We are moderately active (but I don't like exercise until it's over). I am a 39 yo F, had a hysterectomy 18 months ago and discovered that things just weren't as easy as before. My "go-to" food choices for maximum weight loss and health weren't working, and I had ZERO energy. I had also recently (the last 3 years) been suffering from increasingly annoying year-round allergies, so much so that I was taking Allegra-D daily. I also suffered from headaches (almost weekly), body aches, and overall lethargy and slight depression. Now I realize this means nothing to those who don't know me, but depression has never been my bag (I usually lean toward rage with slightly psychotic manic tendencies! haha) so this was probably the worst thing going for me. I refused to accept that all of this could be attributed to my hysterectomy, and was even more adamant that I was not going to accept this as my new way of "living" - because it wasn't, really. I'm a generally positive gal, and I was proud of my energy levels. So what the heck happened - and how do I "fix" it?
    Then I saw Lyn-Genet Recitas on Dr. Oz (I know, sounds so cliche') but I loved her message - and I especially loved her data and background.
    The detox is gentle (well, as gentle as a detox can be) but if you've done years (decades?) of damage, you'll suffer healing crisis. You just will, and there's no amount of consoling that can be done about it. Buy toilet paper and get ready to rest. And when she recommends SAM-e and MSM? She isn't kidding. Take it! It truly helps. I haven't taken anything except Tylenol just once, the second day without coffee, and that was more for my husband and children's sanity than mine, because the migraine was borderline debilitating.
    The program is heavy with veggies, and if you want to see someone doing "The Plan" roll their eyes, just mention "Spicy Vegetarian Soup" after a week or two in. But there's a method to the madness, and a reason for everything. Love yourself enough to hang in - but commit 100% or it won't work as well! You have to journal your weight as "data" - nothing more, nothing less. Weight increase is viewed as an inflammatory response to an new food, or a mis-step in working the plan. This is one of the issues I have with the plan. If you're doing it as a team, because results are so individualized, there will come a time when you will have a response to something and need a rest day, while your partner will not react and will expect to move on to the next wonderful thing like cheese or red wine. When you say, "No, I need a rest day" to a 235 pound carnivorous man when he's been looking forward to steak, you better run like hell.
    There will be days that mess with your mind and depress you (I am sensitive to bread. *sigh*) and days that elate you (Chocolate? Heck yeah!). There will also be days you do stuff wrong and end up confused, so you have to repeat the process. It's slow. It's arduous. It's worth it.
    I feel great. My skin and hair look better. I am gradually regaining my energy. I haven't taken any pills (except my SAM-e, MSM, & B12 supplements). I drink my water. I've lost 9 pounds. My husband has lost 15 (grrr, men!) and has made peace with his inability to handle pork. Weird. We flew through restaurant day, and ended up losing a pound eating french fries because THANK YOU GOD I can still eat potatoes, but I had a patty melt with no bread. Get the picture? It's all about educating yourself, so you can make better choices. And the best part? I don't measure, weigh, or obsess about portions. I do make sure I eat tons of salads - especially if I'm eating a food that would be traditionally inflammatory for me. And for the first time in 18 months, I feel like there's some hope. I'm seeing the "Reverse" gear on my scale.
    I got my Mom going on The Plan. She's on day 2, and feeling like someone beat her with a baseball bat. She's already tired of carrots, and her house smells like onions and garlic. Yep, sounds about right. So again I'll stress: if you're looking for something geared for just weight loss, this probably isn't for you (initially). But if you're willing to put some work into it and get centered on yourself, you can really answer some questions and ultimately give yourself a better shot at long-term success.
    Sidenote that's cool? I'm on twitter, and so is the author (Lyn-Genet Recitas). I've tweeted her questions about the book, and holy cow she responds! I went through a bout of stomach virus during my testing, and because of what I knew about my reactivity to oats, I avoided oatmeal and bananas (formerly my go-to) and saved myself so much additional pain! I sailed through it in 24 hours, while other around me were down 3-4 days.
    Ok, I'm done now. :) Good luck!!
  • M. Nix - "Rush gives the reader tons of passionate angst and hot sex and it gives us an ultra-satisfying ending"Gabe Hamilton can't hold in his attraction to his best friend and business partners little sister anymore. He knows there are too many years between them but until he gets his need for her out of his system he is not going to be able to go on. Gabe has decided to take action and take Mia to his bed.

    Mia Crestwell has been in love with Gabe since she was a teenager. She never dreamed he would give her the time of day but when she spots him at his hotel grand opening she sees him in a new light, and it's obvious he's seeing her in one as well. When Gabe offers her an outrageous proposition Mia may be shocked but she is unable to deny the excitement that bubbles within her at the chance to be Gabe Hamilton's woman. even if it's only temporary.

    While Gabe and Mia go into this thinking of it as temporary what will happen when feelings begin to go deeper and they start thinking in the long term? Can Mia fit into Gabe's kinky lifestyle and can Gabe be a forever type of guy? What will happen when the world discovers their secret; more importantly what will Mia's brother and Gabe's best friend have to say about it? Will they survive the odds stacked against them?

    Maya Banks Rush is packed with explosive passion and scandalous sex that will leave the reader breathless! Gabe and Mia absolutely pour out their souls in Rush. I thoroughly enjoyed this book but it bothered me a little bit at how much it is like other erotic books that I have read lately. I think the trend of the hot dominant New York man and the tough but submissive female is going strong because of the erotic novels surge in popularity right now. There is nothing wrong with it but I think the elements in these types of stories need to mix it up a little.

    One thing that excites me about Rush is the fact that the story wraps up in one book. Rush gives the reader tons of passionate angst and hot sex and it gives us an ultra-satisfying ending. I must say Ms. Banks gives her reader one top-notch ending in Rush, it's definitely goosebump worthy. Another thing that stands out about Rush are the other men in the story. Mia's brother, Jace and his and Gabe's other best friend, Ash, make a good impression on this reader and makes me very excited to see what happens next in Fever, book two in the Breathless Trilogy.

    Miranda for Joyfully Reviewed