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  • COWGIRL FROM NEW ORLEANS - TRIA Hair Removal LaserI purchased the TRIA about 6 months ago- and have been shocked at how well it has worked! I had LASER Hair Removal done prior at a Dermatologist's Office on my underarms, and WOW- Talk about PAIN FACTOR!!!!! I did 3 treatments and between the cost( I could have bought 2 TRIAs for those 3 laser treatments) & the pain- I never went back! I use the TRIA now to zap any hairs that pop up from prior treatments... It knocked em down & gone in 2-3 treatments and I'm back to NO hair underarms!! Nice n bare n smooth! Then I started using it on my bikini area, in the privacy of my own home, at my own convient time. To me- it's been remarkable at HOW much hair has STOPPED growing! Shaving was useless, red bumps & never close enough with a razor; Plus- thinking of going back to have my bikini area done by the Derm's Office made me breakout in hives & sweat- JUST to think of it- after my underarms sent me into orbit! But with the TRIA- yes, you MUST be patient for results, you MUST overlap areas, you HAVE to get a schedule going, I used mine every other day- for the first 4-6 weeks; then I started "shedding hairs". So, now I use it every 2-3 weeks or so as a "upkeep" for my NO hair bikini area. I started out using topical numbing cream- applying it 45 mins prior to using TRIA; quick wipeoff of it- and setting of a 5. But now, because of no or very little dark hairs in the follicles below the skin(no huge heatup of area) - I don't need the numbing cream- and still use the setting of a 5. I must say it goes alot faster now. It still stings a little- but between the $$$ I was spending for ALL that pain in a Dermatologist's Office VS. OWNING MY own system, it's MINE to keep; using it when I want to- not when I can get an appointment; It's a no-brainer for me. I'm super happy with results, and I'll start on my legs probably very soon for summertime.
  • Miguel A.Tovar - An essential reading for physicians and medical studentsThis book is the first of its kind and a must read for anyone interested in Social Media in healthcare. Despite his youth, Dr. Bertalan Meskó (or Berci) is already an acknowledged authority in this field. As the founder of the world's first university elective course focusing on Medicine and Social Media for medical and public health students Berci is an authoritative voice on the subject. You just have to Google his name to check that I'm not exaggerating.

    By writing this educational book he has again demonstrated his passion and commitment in guiding medical students and physicians to acquire skills in digital literacy to improve patient experience and clinical outcomes.

    As someone who has a vast knowledge and experience in the practical use of Social Media the book is well structured, clearly written and full of useful tips and well-chosen examples. Each chapter ends with a self-test and next steps to encourage you to think about how to apply the concepts in your own practice. How to deal with privacy concerns and the protection of the confidentiality of patients have been definitely highlights for me.

    All links and further reading recommended in each chapter have been grouped at the end of the work, which can be useful for later review.

    As a conclusion, 'Social Media in Clinical Practice' is an essential reading and I will be suggesting it to everyone I know in healthcare who wants to take advantage of the Social Media space professionally but is not sure about how to proceed.

    Disclosure: Social media brought us together about four years ago and now I am honored and proud to have Bertalan Meskó as a friend.
  • Susan Harris "Susy" - Kindle reading devise reviewI was lucky enough to order a refurbed Kindle in December while in Mexico. When I returned home at the end of December my Kindle was waiting for me! I had been following the KindleKorner posts and had already ordered some free books. I opened the beautiful box, read the easy instructions, plugged in my Kindle to charge, downloaded one of my free books and started using my Kindle right away. I love reading on the Kindle. I can control the font size, I can "turn down the page corner", it is easy to use and easy to read on.

    I highly recommend the Kindle to those people that are "readers". I have been over run with already read paperbacks that I have to donate or re-sell. They take up a lot of cabinet space and take quite a bit of time to box up and get out of the house. The convenience of electronic books is worth the cost of the Kindle, plus many of the books for sale are priced right around the cost of a paperback or even less.

    Cons: Many owners seem to get a different cover for the Kindle or add velcro to the cover. The two corners don't hold it in the supplied cover. I put part of the elastic over the bottom right hand corner, but it not a perfect solution. The size and placement of the next and previous page 'buttons' could be improved, but are workable. If the next button is held too long more than one page will be 'turned'.

    In summary, I am enjoying my Kindle and look forward to using it each day.
  • Jonathan Hunter - Children will be children.The people giving this game a one star are all angry children and should not be listened to. They are only mad they couldn't log on flawlessly at midnight simultaneously with millions of other people(surprising I know). This game is great. If you enjoyed the first two games--you will love this one. There are no longer any log on problems.
  • E. Haubrich - Wow, Incredible SoundI have got to tell you, this cable really surprised me. The sound quality is truly amazing.

    You should have heard the amazing ultra-low frequency rumble and high frequency scream that was emmitted from my ex-girlfriend when she found out that I jacked her PayPal account and ordered 2 of these for her next door neighbor.

    For all you Denon-beleivers out there, you should really do the math on what you're buying. Any 20$ digital cable on the planet would be indistinguishable from this in a side-by-side comparison. It's all ones and zeros. Digital is pretty much digital.