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  • BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen, - My husband has a vagina now!So I bought these pens because as a woman I am naturally attracted to bright shiny things and items that say "for her" on the package. I accidentally left one out on the kitchen counter (because that's the only room in the house I'm comfortable in) and my husband took it to write down man things. Well after only 2 days of him using my pen We were shocked to find that his man parts were gone and he now has a vagina in it's place! He is showing some very odd symptoms like, he wants to go antiquing, panics when we are out of cappuccino and has started painting the exterior of the house pink! Our doctor has insisted he stop using the pen but my husband insists on using it to write his memoir on shiny sparkle paper with unicorn trim. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Sam Smith - Great tablet!I've had this tablet now for about a month and so far it has met my every expectation. The screen is neither too small that you can't read some websites or pdf's (like B&N's Nook at times) nor too big that the unit is cumbersome to hold. In fact, I was astonished at how thin the tablet it. The resolution of the screen is very impressive and colors are displayed vibrantly.

    I've seen several complaints on here about the WiFi not being very reliable. Personally, I haven't seen this to be a major problem. I will admit there have been some spots where my laptop could reach a weak signal where the Transformer would not reach it. As long as you're in a place where there is anything more than a very weak signal, the Transformer has connected reliably and with decent speeds.

    Last week the tablet automatically updated to Android's new operating system (4.0, or Ice Cream Sandwhich). While I'm not usually one to fix something that isn't broken (HoneyComb seemed to work just fine), I have noticed a big difference particularly in speed. Websites, programs, videos and apps load much faster in the new operating system.

    Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional tablet.
  • D. Goodwin - Great Insights Worth ContemplatingWhenever I consider a book that touches on this type of subject, I always pay attention to the source and Dr. Andy has proven to be a great source of information when it comes to SEO and Internet Marketing in general. He's really come up in the ranks and I value his input. Thanks for another great book.
  • JimmyJames - InsightfulAs a father of three girls, It is scary to meet some of the men out there. It worries me that they might fall victim to deception. I can only guide them and warn them of the charming men that create the illusion of a future but unfortunately underestimate the commodity of precious time.....I tell them that a real man is not one that has a hundred woman wanting him but one that has one woman and 99 wishing they were that woman.
    To all the woman out there, I recommend this book. It is easy to read and candid. It will help you find that one and be that one..not the other 99:)