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  • Pencil - Best Antivirus on the market.Once I made the switch to Kaspersky, I never turned back to any other antivirus software. My system has been virus free (I hope I don't jinx this) for 3 years thanks to this. I've tried Norton AV, Avast, AVG, McAfee, and Avira on my older computers but neither of them are as agile as Kaspersky. Kaspersky detects a virus straight from a download. With Kaspersky, I have not came across a virus which it cannot disinfect. Other AVs would delete or quarantine the infected files. Overall, I think Kaspersky is the best in the AV market.
  • BoilerNation - So far so good.I bought this card to extend the storage capacity of my Asus VivoTab. The card arrived today, and I already installed it into the tablet. I transferred some movies onto the tablet and it was pretty fast.
  • A Customer - A Masterpiecei advidly enjoyed The Road as a fan of post-apocolyptic literature and as a free for all reader. It my be difficult at times since McCarthy writes without using quotation marks nut if you have read any of his other works then you will find this one cake. Compelling story and devastating imagery really make this book one of my favorites of all time hands down.
  • Steven Richard Moody - It doesn't take much time to recognize a masterpieceWow, I am quite unfamiliar with "The Wall", and I already know it is a masterpiece. Many reviewers have said that taking time to listen to it will force you to appreciate this album. Any Pink Floyd fan that hasn't heard this one yet, I strongly recommend this one. I can relate to many of these songs.