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  • andrew koenigsberg "avenger" - Super StubbyWanted to tone down the length of my stock antenna on my 2011 'stang.
    Snagged this one from CravenSpeed for a great price. Fast as hell shipping and the product was exactly as advertised.
    Installation was a snap. Unscrew your old antenna and screw this one on in it's place. Piece of cake.
    The fit was perfect and it is indeed short, but very cool looking.
    Living in the NYC metro area, the radio stations come in as loud and clear as the stock antenna.

    A nice modification to your car at a nice price!
  • Faye McB - Good StuffNot only do I like this product, I LOVE the fact that I don't have to belong to a "club" to purchase it. I can buy it when I need it and not be hassled by the company or have extra product in my medicine cabinet working it's way to expiration.

    Good stuff
  • OhioFarmGirl - Perfect call blockerWe weren't looking for a phone; we were looking for a call tracker and blocker device. This device is perfect! It's very easy to use.

    My elderly mother was getting hounded and harassed by callers who either didn't respond when she answered or left no messages when she didn't answer. This all started about 3 months ago, after a brief hospitalization. I believe that hospitalization was the source of her phone number being leaked to telemarketers. There was never a problem before this.

    In any event, we bought this phone and set it up so we could track who was bothering her. In the month of October, she got 34 telemarketing calls. Fifteen were dead air calls from the March of Dimes using 3 different phone numbers, 4 were from Easter Seals using 3 different numbers, and 7 were from scuzzy home repair contractors claiming "we're in the neighborhood and would like to stop by and do any work you need done". The remainders were from College Republican PAC, Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation, Julian Whitaker- MD, Market Probe Research, and Teleport Communications. Unbelievable! The FCC Do Not Call registry provides no relief for most of the calls she was receiving.

    Either no one is on the line to tell to put this number on your do not call list, or they (the contractors, mainly) ignore your request. By law, they cannot leave a solicitation message on your answering machine, but apparently they can robo-call you to death. Although the March of Dimes is a charity, they use telemarketers, and those telemarketers cannot leave a solicitation message on your answering machine. The law needs to be changed, but until it is....

    ....this Panasonic phone totally solved the problem. We blocked all the numbers and so far, so good. These telemarketers are still calling, but my Mom isn't bothered anymore. She knows if the phone rings, it's okay to answer. Thank you, Panasonic!

    We also looked into the Digitone Call Blocker, but it only blocks 80 numbers. The Panasonic blocks 250, is also a phone, and is less expensive. It seemed a better value for our needs.