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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

City: Amsterdam, North Holland

  • Rosemary "Rosemary C" - Great makeupBare Minerals does exactly what it says it will and quick and easy to apply, takes just a minute to do. Feels very light, looks natural and actually improved texture of my skin without any allergic reaction with my extremely sensitive skin. A little difficult to determine correct shade to use. Will continue to use as it's very easy to order and received in timely manner.
  • m3lo - Be Patient - this works!i have been a long time Amazaon.com user, and this is the first time I have felt compelled to actually write a reveiw. A little about myself - I am a 24 year old male (will be 25 by the end of this month). My hairline and temples began to noticably receede in the winter of 2010. By the time February 2011 rolled around, I had to change my hairstyle so because my hairline was so jacked-up.

    I started researching about hairloss and really considered using Propecia (but didn't want to because of the potential affects it has on hormones). I also read that Rogain was not targeted for a person who was trying to restor a receeding hairline. However, I was desperate and out the recomendation of my dermatoligist I gave it a shot.

    I saw a noticable improvement a month after starting treatment. More than 13 months later, my hairline is about 70% of what it used to be (and my temples have filled in completely). I'll probably never get my hairline back to 100%, but at its current state is all I need. Rogaine defenitely worked for me, and I now will be a lifetime user of this miricale in a can. Completely lifted my confidence that I had lost.

    I also note, that I was also using Nizoral shampoo 2-3 times a week until I ran out. It seems Nizoral is hard to get a hold of these days, so I have since switced to T-Gel.

    If you are balding or have a receeding hairline, I def think you should try this product before rushing into taking drugs like Propecia.
  • mdatheart "Barb" - Great light-weight vacuumI just bought this vacuum because my old one didn't do a great job on bare floors (or carpet really either!). I put the vacuum together in a matter of minutes and tried it on our family room carpet. WOW. I had no idea there was that much dirt & pet hair on it! I then tried it on hardwood and tile floors and it picked up everything without spraying dirt everywhere. It's super light and easy to manuever as well. I love this vacuum!
  • Love to Read - Packed with HistoryExcellent book. Nothing really new here. I've heard most of this before. However, he certainly puts it all together in an easily understandable way. His description of the Temple in Jerusalem was so vivid that our study group felt like we were taking a guided tour! It's just packed with history.
  • quackstar - LOVE this stroller as a supplement to my city minii live in brooklyn and don't have a car. in the cooler months i like to wear my baby, but when summer hit i realized it was stroller season. i have the city mini (like most people in park slope) and it's great, but when it's just me out and about i can't dream of taking it on the subway or on a bus-- it's just too heavy and bulky. i got the g-luxe so that we can have the option of cooling off on public transportation or somewhere else with a/c in the midst of a busy summer day and i can easily hold my baby while folding and unfolding the stroller, and carry it over my shoulder while holding him, too. of course it's easiest to have another grownup to help, but it's totally manageable for me. that's the biggest reason i got this stroller, but i also love the under-seat basket, which is quite roomy for an umbrella stroller, and the recline of the seat is so easy (can't do it with one hand on the city mini). i also like how open it is so that my baby can see what's happening and get a nice breeze, when there is one. i still feel that i need another, more heavy duty, stroller for long days out and about, off-roading in the park, etc. but i am so happy that i got the g-luxe.