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Department of Emergency Medicine : The Ohio State University College of Medicine - Department of Emergency Medicine : The Ohio State University College of Medicine

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City: 43228 Columbus, Ohio

  • Barbara Niebauer - A definite timesaver!

    The Dyson DC44 is awesome. When the kids run in to use the bathroom with no time to take their shoes off or when the neighbor just drops off my filthy run away dog, I just get my Dyson 44 off the wall and vacuum up the tracks. No more getting out and then hooking up my general house vacuum. Too heavy and too much work. Best purchase I made in a long time.

  • Staci M - A Must read for everyone with Colitis, Crohns and IBS

    When I was told about this book I was very skeptical but after being deathly ill for three months and going to the doctor many times only to be told they either don't know whats wrong with me or they think my symptoms are all in my head I certainly had nothing to lose.
    Its been a week since this wonderful book arrived and its been a week since I've had a flare up.
    Changing my diet has done more for my condition than all the pain killers the doctors pushed in my face.
    I'm still somewhat weak but I don't wake up 10 times a night to go to the bathroom anymore, My cramps are mostly gone. I no longer see blood when I go to the bathroom.
    my BM's are normal again.
    The recipes in this book are easy to follow and the diet is still somewhat normal tasting.
    I was so happy to find out I could use garlic,onions and butter.
    I miss red wine ,but someday I know I'll be healthy enough to drink dry white wine.
    I do wish there was some sort of calorie count with these recipes and an actual list of white wine brands I can drink later on, but those are minor complaints in comparison to being able to stay awake and leave my house again.
    This book has become one the most important books in my life.

  • Larry F. Rogers - Easy Installation, Total Comfort

    What I liked most about this product was its easy non-spam like installation. Unlike so many other products in this category, this product installs professionally, does not attempt to sell you other products you do not want, and is not confusing at all in its configuration.

    Another great aspect is it is so much less intrusive on my day to day use of my machines. Other anti-virus protection would constantly be consuming my CPU even though configured to run only at night or when use is low. My system would slow to a crawl.

    With this product, I notice no degradation in performance whatsoever. I barely know the product is there unless I want to run a scan or change a setting.

    I have installed it now on three machines. Our server and two laptops. And it works flawlessly.

    I think anyone would prefer the ease of use and non-intrusive behavior of this product over the competitive products out there.

  • old timer - Does the job.

    I have used Norton products for years.
    It seems to work quietly and trouble free.
    My only complaint would be that if you upgrade before your previous time runs out you lose the remainder of the time you had. Buy one 12 month subscription and upgrade 10 months later, you lose two months.