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  • David C. Sullivan - Takes All The Guess Work Out Of Slicing Bananas

    I thought I liked eating bananas whole best before I started using the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer. The uniform slices actually taste better than whole bananas. Also, slicing bananas with a knife would take much longer than cutting with the Hutzler 571, and cumulatively, over the course of a year or so, I'll have more time for reading with the time I saved.

  • Sharon - Excellent

    Received the book in excellent condition and on time. The information in the book was easy to understand and very helpful. Everyone's health could benefit from reading this book. Includes information on how to treat and prevent recurrence of yeast. Information covers diet, supplements, and prescription medicine to treat yeast and restore your health. Love it.

  • Michelle - Office mac is a must have for students

    Office is a must have for students. I switched to MAC in 2012. Before that I had the PC. Unfortunately, as a student it's essential to have especially for people who need to create power points and excel. It's a great buy and a little cheaper than just downloading from the Microsoft office site.