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  • derridaaaaahhhhh - This Pen is Cliterally The Best Thing Ever!

    As a woman, I've spent my whole life pretty bummed out about the fact that I could never find a pen that matches the color of labia. So, when I heard that Bic had created a pen specifically to match my womanly form, for the first time in my life I became proud to have an infinite abyss shameful sin hole between my legs.

    While the colors are great, this pen has A LOT of great features. My favorite might be the GPS Locator for my wandering uterus. Just one click and I can know exactly where that hysterical whore hole is in my body during the times that I am not pregnant.

  • Book Addict "Book Addict" - Only makeup that doesn't aggravate my rosacea

    I've been using this for years and it's the only kind of makeup I can wear. It's drying though, so be sure to use moisturizer (I use the very cheap Cerave from the drug store, it doesn't irritate me).

  • Jaber - That's Fermat's Last PROOF now, thanks to Denon!

    This marvelous piece of wire not only clarifies the most compressed mp3's while unlogging your intertubes! No more silly elliptic curves, Taniyama-Shimura conjectures or Galois representations. Yes, it's true - it proves Fermat's Last for ALL prime numbers greater than 2, some irrational numbers and pi. Just set it and forget it!

  • Kathy C. "Tell me about it" - Not nearly as painful as waxing!

    3/9/12 Decided to give this a try based on reviews here.

    So far the process is easy and not nearly as painful or messy as waxing. Yes there is a sting, I used the highest setting under arms, bikini and lower legs.

    However the pain is minimal compared to waxing. And when I finished it's done. Wipe the wand and put it away. No sticky wax under my nails, or on my skin.

    Sure the results are not immediate as waxing. But once the hair begins to fall out it should just be a minimal upkeep process.

    I will update my results after a few weeks. If it works as well as I'm hoping I will tell everyone I know about this!! Finally
    a reasonable option for long term hair removal.

    My skin is light/medium and my hair is dark.