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  • TheRenegadeRednek - Good fun...if you don't mind obeying the law...Originally I was set to buy Spore the day it came out...then the bad reviews kept coming and I waited, set aside the money, and last week I bought it.
    The gameplay is great. Perhaps the stages are a bit short, but the fun lies mainly in the creation aspect and the options for creation are virtually endless.
    Having a DRM? Gasp. I paid for a game, and unless I plan on sharing it with my friends or having my computer die three times in the near future (knock on wood) I don't see what the problem is. It took 0 time. If the people who spent years investing in this game want to get rewarded for it, I suppose I can handle not pirating it.
    Don't let the negative spamming affect your decision. Essentially this game is the SIMs on steroids...and the possibilities and fun are endless...
  • Angela Risner "The Sassy Orange" - I'm not a parent, but I found it insightful and compellingEven though I'm not a parent, I read Rosalind Wiseman's Queen Bees and Wannabes and loved it. If adults are honest with ourselves, we will see that many times our adult relationships share many features with those of our younger selves. How often have you seen someone post on Facebook regarding their workplace, "I thought I was out of high school!" ? So while these books may have been written to address the issues of adolescents, they are just as applicable to those of us who are long past that age. As Dr. Phil said the other day, we as adult talk about kids as though we have had nothing to do with who they turn out to be.

    Wiseman is aptly named (well, she would be a wise woman, but I digress.) She has really paid attention to the interactions between kids, between girls, between boys, between parents, and between parents and kids. Of course Queen Bees resonated with me because I'm a girl and I've been in both the bullied and the bully position as a kid and probably yes, as an adult, as much as I hate to admit it (about being the bully.) I wasn't diagnosed with ADD until the ripe old age of 41, and having untreated ADD means that my reactions and comments were sometimes said in the heat of the moment, without thought. Now that I'm being treated, I no longer have that issue.

    With Masterminds and Wingmen, this was a fascinating look into Boy World. Now, I had already figured out some things on my own. I was raised to believe that boys didn't have the same kind of relationships or feelings that girls do. But I noticed that a lot of men did have those kind of friendships with both men and women. And so it led me to believe (correctly) that many of the stereotypes I'd been told about men and women were incorrect. As Wiseman points out, just because a boy says he's fine, it doesn't necessarily mean that he is. There is much more going on than meets the eye.

    Wiseman offers up a lot of tools for dealing with just about every situation that could come up - and these are ones that adults could use as well. How often do we tell employees to "Do the right thing" or "Be a good employee" without defining what those are? As humans we approach everything from a point of our own experiences and history - which means that we end up holding people to standards they may not have encountered before. It's the same thing when we tell kids to "Do the right thing" or "Don't get into trouble" without laying out the parameters of what that means.

    She also uses a strategy called SEAL,which assists with conflict resolution. This is another technique adult could use.

    1. Stop and Set it Up: Assess the situation, i.e what happened? Should I confront the person now or later?
    2. Explain: State the problem and what you would like to happen or do.
    3. Affirm and Acknowledge: Affirm your right to be treated with dignity and acknowledge anything you've done to contribute to the issue.
    4. Lock in (or out): Determine the status of the relationship going forward.

    I also love that she points out that when you ask someone else what their perception is, "you must be ready to be changed by what you hear." To me, that's one of the most powerful statements. Because if you're not truly ready to hear something, you won't be able to accept what the other person is saying and you won't be able to see their point of view.

    Some highlights (there's no way I can share all of the great moments in this book - I have 26 pages of highlights.)

    *The closest we've come to recognizing boys' issues is in our discussions of teen suicides, which we generally attribute to homophobia and lack of gun control.
    *What's way more useful for boys is to talk to them about integrity looks like to you under duress.
    *He isn't running to play that video game for no reason. He's running to distract himself from the shame he feels that he was ridiculed for his body, from his deeply wired believe that he can't tell you what happened, and it feels good to shoot something that he can pretend is his tormentor.
    *My colleagues in college admissions tell me that the ratio of male applicants to female applicants has continued to weaken so much that now they believe that for every eight qualified female applicants there are only two male applicants....So while people are worried about racial affirmative action, the biggest affirmative action problem is right in front of us.
    *No matter how physically hurt he is, Batman shakes it off If he's angry, he either clenches his jaw or exacts revenge with utter physical domination.
    *It's about understanding that power and privilege are at work when one person believes he has the right to speak for everyone and no one contradicts him.
    *To equate speaking out about abuse of power and social injustice with being sexually attracted to other men makes no sense. If it did, heterosexual men would be defined as those who do nothing or who join in when someone's being abused. Then only gay men would have the courage to stand up.
    *Our boys deserve meaningful relationships, the freedom to pursue what interests and challenges them, a feeling of belonging and social connection to others, and a sense that they're contributing to something larger than themselves. Those four criteria make up the definition of happiness.
    *From the moment our children realize they are separate entities from us and realize that we will often stop them from doing what they want, they carefully study us to figure out how to get their way.
    *We are forced to come face-to-face with our acceptance of violence as entertainment in other areas. Since many of us find that hard to acknowledge, we point to video games as the problem.
    *There is no video game in history that can approach the level or intensity of violence present in the Old Testament.
    *If he gets caught violating a technology or alcohol or drug policy, he (and even you) may think the rules are stupid or unfairly applied, but he agreed to those rules by becoming a participating member of the community.
    *"What is the difference between what you do and who you are? If you repeat certain types of disrespectful or dishonest actions, at what point do you become a disrespectful or dishonest person?"
    *Kids, including the most entitled and abusive athletes, don't go after other kids unless they know that adult "leaders" in their school don't or can't hold them accountable.
    *You can't take away someone's experience, but you can say that his personal experience doesn't reflect the reality of all girls, and you should advise him not to make it generalized blanket statements.

    If I had the funds, I would buy this for everyone I know. I really can't think of a single person, group, or company that wouldn't benefit from this.
  • Erin Waterman - The 2012 Doomsday Antidote"Birth 2012 and Beyond" is Barbara Marx Hubbard's great gift for each of us in this moment. This book includes a map with instructions to bring all of us on board to a vision for a more compassionate future, one in which we are awakened to bring our own gifts to synergy with others toward a positive future where Universal Humanity is the rule, not the exception.

    I read Barbara's autobiography, "The Hunger of Eve" further detailing how she arrived and integrated the vision put forth in "Birth 2012 and Beyond," the vision this "ageless" 82-year-old has sustained through a life directed by two potent questions: 1) "What is the meaning of our power that is good?" and 2) "What are images of a positive future equal to this power that could attract us?"

    In "Birth 2012 and Beyond" Barbara describes the formula for synergistic co-creative circles that led her all the way to nomination for Vice President of the United States in 1984, against all odds. Anyone who had the audacity to run (and win nomination) on a platform to create a Peace Room in the White House to track and connect social innovations that work as sophisticated as the War Room, way before technology existed to do so is someone worth listening to.

    Barbara Marx Hubbard is a thinker incorporating the highest levels of consciousness into her writing and guidance, and she attracts a powerful team of fellow "pioneering souls" who expand upon her vision in the last quarter of the book, essays by the Welcoming Committee of evolutionary thinkers sharing the message loud and clear that We are the ones we've been waiting for and that we are in the midst of a great process emerging and evolving in this very moment, as we are connected in greater and greater ways through technology and global energetic shift, heart to heart, tear to tear, joy to joy.
  • Israel Kendall - Best Streaming Device!What can I say about the Roku 3, it's the best streaming device you can buy. I used to use Google TV, but then decided to buy a Roku for my spare TV. Well, the Roku was so much more user friendly and reliable that it became my main streaming device. This is my second Roku and will buy more in the future as newer models come out!
  • Patricia A. Adler - hopeful dieterHere it is. A review of the diet from someone who completed the first week and ready and willing to start week 2. I'm in my 6th decade and have been dieting most of my life. Sometimes with great results, other times not. I always could diet and lose in my younger years but once I reached my 40's it was harder and harder. By now my metabolism just doesn't work properly. Along came this diet and it is the first time I have lost any weight in a very long time. Results of week 1- I'm down 4 pounds. That for me is miraculous. As for food amounts you eat portions according to how much weight you want to lose. There is so much good food on the diet that I never had a hunger pang and sometimes had trouble getting the snack in. But I followed it pretty carefully and the results prove it. This now hopeful dieter recommends that you give it a try. Update: 9 weeks on and off due to celebrations etc. Down 13 lbs. My hubby is diabetic and he is controlling his sugar using diet. Do it!! Also was in New Orleans for a 2 week vacation during this time so going off of diet somewhat when I had to didn't sabotage me. Just went back on it and lost weight. This is a diet you can work with and still be human. Good luck.