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  • Pam M - A really enjoyable read for a technical resource

    It's simplistic in a lot of ways and the first few chapters were almost totally review, but I did find some nuggets there that I didn't know about. As I move further into the book, it gets more detailed, and I am able to read it without nodding off, due to the lighthearted banter that is present in all of the dummies books.

  • L. Wells "travel reader" - Best ever

    After struggling with Kindle fire, the IPad mini does it all. With the right apps it does all of my reading....3m cloud, iBooks, kindle, kobo and overdrive. Plus it's a fantastic tablet for surfing, email and news. I have my music on it, so when I travel, it's all there..,reading, music, the web and a few games to fill idle times.