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  • lwp99 - Good value; Great information.We used this on an 11,000 mile trip this summer through British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska. The information was interesting and very helpful. Because it was a 2012 edition, some of the noted businesses were gone, but that was not a problem. This was definitely a worthwhile investment.
  • S. R. Keegan "srkeegan" - Perfect for Foreclosure Notices and Job Rejection Letters!I now live in Reno, Nevada, where half the homes are under water and about a quarter of my neighbors have lost their homes. I recommend this binder to store all the threatening letters they get from creditors and to keep track of all their foreclosure notices, so they know when the Reno Police Department will show up on their door and make them move.

    I also recommended it to my sister, who has been out of work for the past three years. She likes to store the rejection letters she gets on a weekly basis. It also helps her keep track of the anti-depression medications she has had to be put on so she won't kill herself. Since suicide is up 25% over the past two years, we have been very concerned about her.

    It has absolutely helped with the real problems she faces. Not so much the manufactured ones.
  • Gina Central "GinaCentral" - Worth the money... whether you have issues with odor or notI have not had any issues with odor except after my monthly flow and it would only last a day or two. So I decided to give this a try because I am against douching with chemicals etc. The product works just like it says. Instead of suffering with that after flow odor for a day or two... totally gone period. I have been using it regularly not just after my period as it does make you feel more clean than not using. So you will become addicted to that very clean feeling.

    I do wish the plastic hanger was a little sturdier and adjustable. I am 5ft and with it hanging on my shower I would have appreciated maybe six inches longer to give more room to reach everything. But its okay I can make it work.

    If you have vaginal odor and have been to a doctor for diagnosis and the doctor is not able to help you then give this a whirl. It is exactly as described and does exactly what it says. Money well spent.
  • Byron Gates, Jr. "[artist/photographer/writer]" - Second round with The Artist's WayI read this book after receiving it as a gift from a best friend some eight or nine years ago. It reseeded me back into a world of creative believing that I thought I had either lost or out grown or out lived. It returned me to my roots and greatly assisted my re-birthing of my own creative heart. I have now ordered another copy [my first copy passed around to many to share and on to many others] and plan to refresh and replenish. Ms Cameron writes from many angles and I strongly recommend that the reader follow their own path through her words. Do I agree with 100% of her words, of course not, I am not of sheep mentality, but she does and very well I might add, touch upon many points that I do agree with, and it is those points that I found to have a profound positive affect on my creative abilities. I love this book, I love Ms.Cameron, I love art...b
  • Quique Rivera - Great Deal for $200After Black Friday it cost $269 and still a good deal. It comes with 4 and a half games:
    - Uncharted - Drakes's Fortune
    - Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves
    - Infamous
    - Infamous 2
    - Infamous: Festival Of Blood

    The downside is that the games comes in individual carton sleeves instead of the hard case collection.