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  • S. Lipson - Really happy to have shorter cook time recipes!I love that this cook book contains so many shorter cooking time recipes! I am a stay at home mom and I have the ability to not have to put together a Crockpot meal to cook in the early morning hours. Or, on the weekend it's great to still be able to use the Crockpot for dinner if I don't think of doing so until midday! Almost every recipe has a color photo with it and all recipes are complete on just one page. I do wish this book had a ring binder so that it would lay open and flat while I refer to it in use. I would have happily paid extra for such a binding. There are 14 dessert recipes including brownies, cakes, cheesecakes, puddings, creme brulee, and compotes/cobblers. I thought the photos/recipes depicted much more unique dishes and side dishes which I really appreciate. I don't use my Crockpot too much because I'm not a big eater of typical American/homestyle fare. This book provides many dishes that I found particularly appealing like; warm marinated artichoke hearts with feta and olives, garlicky shrimp, Cajun shrimp corn chowder, Rustic kale, fennel and sun dried tomato sauce, spiced pork tenderloin with couscous and braised chicken sausage with white bean ragout. There is also a vegetarian section and fear not, you will find many old stand by favorites of American fare!
  • L. Birkey "lindafreespirit" - Most amazing diet yet that really works when followed. I now love and enjoy eating again while losing weight.The best, easiest and most common sense diet yet. And it is working amazingly. Recommended by a doctor where I work. I love it. Thank you so much.
  • prudhomb "prudhomb" - 2012 pilotinstalled easily in 20 or so minutes. Hardest part was removing the cover on the main rails, Just make sure they are oriented in the right way and the slid on with some firm pressure. A steal at a fraction of the cost of the the actual Honda crossbars. I made a 900 mile trip with an attached luggage rack, no issues.
  • P. N. Biddle - Best damn gas grillI don't know about multiple versions of this grill, I just know what version I have. Mine has cast iron grates on top over corrugated perforated stainless steel infrared plates and the thermometers.

    I don't get the complaints about keeping this clean. Are you people cooking soup without a pot on it? We cook on it, leave it on high for ~ten minutes, shut it off and then brush both the grills and infrared plates with a ss wired welding brush before we cook the next time. It takes all of about 2 minutes. Y'all should stick with microwaves if that's "hard". Srsly.

    I've also heard people complain about thermometers being broken. The grill is incredibly efficient. If you run both burners past their lowest setting, it will go to 600 and stay there. It's not an electric oven.

    Lastly about rusting of the stand - ours is covered under a porch so I can't speak to how it does in direct rain, but we are in Seattle so it's extremely damp, and so far there is not rust I've found.

    Overall the version of this grill I own kicks ass and I wouldn't trade it for another at nearly any price.
  • Eduardo Pacheco - The Best A State of Trance AlbumI thought A State of Trance 2004 would never be topped off. It was an album with attitude, emotion, feeling and uniqueness I felt stood out beyond the rest. Lady Blue, Escape, The Search for Freedom, Satellite, Burned with Desire, Naked Angel, Rise. Are you kidding me? Those tracks are nuts.

    Well, it finally happened. I thought A State of Trance 2005 was good, but year after year none of the albums made me feel the same way as with A State of Trance 2004, not even the In the Club disc of A State of Trance 2011. Until this album. Wow. There is so much unique variation going on with this release even people who don't listen to trance have now hopped on the Armin Van Buuren bandwagon. The Fusion, Ushuaia Memories, Universal Language, In Your Arms, Suddenly Summer, Always Loved; Never Forgotten, Invasion, Concrete Angel.

    This one stole my heart, and it now sits at the top. You WILL get this album.