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  • sandrajean68 - LOVE this product!!

    I have been taking this for only 2 weeks and already feel clothes getting lose and it really cured the cravings of comfort foods in the winter. My energy is coming back also. I take it along with the green coffee bean and also Carb Intercept. I also go to the gym 3-4 times a week. For those who say it doesn't work...there is no "magic" pill....its a combination of the right supplements, low carb diet and exercise. This is a great addition to my weight loss journey...its not the "fix" but it is an awesome product that helps!

  • Mark Soucy - Elaine Gottschall's work is a Godsend!!

    This book and the corresponding Specific Carbohydrate Diet it advocates saved my life! I had suffered with Crohn's Disease for three years with no relief. I had seen three separate G.I. specialists in the Southeastern part of the USA and received no relief. All of my physicians prescribed numerous medications they believed would help. None did. I went from 160lbs to 118lbs in just over a year. My only option was to have surgery. Then the miracle happened. I came across Elaine's wonderful book and I followed the diet exactly as she prescribed. The results were immediate and exact. Within a week I felt improvement. Within two months my bloodwork was normal for the first time in years. Within three months I was prescription medication free and gaining weight. I am currently five months into the diet and feel awesome. The book is well written and extremely informative. The recipes are easy to follow and delicious. This book is nothing short of miraculous! If you are suffering with any intestinal dysfunction, this book will invariably help. It is the answer and the way to regaining control of your life! Thank you Elaine.

  • Terry Beaubois - We are all living in the Age of Context

    Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy

    Age of Context is an important book that everyone should read. Not because everyone will agree with all of its content or all have the same reaction, but because this book outlines how the world has already changed and will continue to change -- and we need to know this information, to be actively engaged in the world around us.

    "We hope you can use this book as a framework to understand the contextual developments that will take place over the next few years." (Age of Context)

    Scoble and Israel identify so many good examples of technology that are representative of the Age of Context -- 1) Wearable computing 2) Big data & data computation 3) Sensor data 4) Social network data and 5) Location data -- it is easy to imagine that everyone will find something that excites them about these developments. Some developments may shock you or concern you, but I think that the authors intend to provide that complete experience for us all. This helps each of us to identify where our own limits are, of what we find acceptable.

    Age of Context has the general information about technology, needed to move a person or community or region or country ahead in the direction of improvement -- the kind of continuous improvement and "Augmenting the Human Intellect" that Doug Engelbart used to talk about. Kaizen. And how to accelerate the rate of improvement so that every human (who chooses to) benefits, not just big governments and security agencies. This is "our technology" to use too, rather than to just sit by watching how others use it and perhaps even having it used against us.

    The world continues to change, even for Scoble and Israel -- in 2005, when they were researching their earlier book, Naked Conversations, "fewer than 4 million people were using blogs, wikis and podcasts. The terms "social media" and "social networks" did not yet exist. Facebook had started, but at the time we dismissed it as an irrelevant niche service for Ivy League frat boys seeking dates. Twitter hadn't even been born. Today, nearly 1.5 billion people are on social networks. Almost no successful modern business deploys a go-forward strategy that does not include social media." (from Age of Context)

    This book is not a frantic, fear-based warning of the dangers of technology. Nor is it geeky fan-boy hype. This is not a tome full of vaporware, either. Scoble and Israel are clear about whether something is under R&D, when it is new, and what's becoming proven over time. It is a celebration of where we are and where we can go. Specially when we work together. Scoble and Israel seriously consider people in their evaluation of the hardware and software and I find that a welcome perspective. Here is where this book won me over:
    "When organizations use social media wisely, companies and customers come closer together. Employees and users often collaborate on making products and services better." (from Age of Context)
    This human-centered perspective on technology underlies the essence of Age of Context. It's the reason to have this technology and it is always part of Scoble-Israel stories.

    The New One-to-One
    Robert's comments about his relationship with a hotel also hit home with me. As an architect who has designed resorts and hotels, I agree with the opportunity that he sees for them. The hotel and resort businesses ARE early adopters - internet, flat screen tvs, etc. but Robert is right about their current lack of "recognition" of the client and their disconnect between various internal divisions. Expect a leading hotel group to pick up on the kind of traveler that Robert represents in the near future.

    I know that I will never be as transparent in my sharing of data about myself as Robert Scoble is and in fact I do not want to be.
    "Robert Scoble ..... shares nearly everything about his life online. He is so transparent that he sometimes makes Israel nervous." (Age of Context)

    But thankfully we have a great team in Scoble and Israel that can share their experiences and perspectives with us, about what the possibilities can be for each of us -- now, and in the future.

    Scoble and Israel's epilogue will prompt some fun thinking of your own. It's a great end to a great book........and, as Scoble and Israel encourage in their introduction, "......have fun reading the book."

    by Terry Beaubois
    Palo Alto, CA September 2013

  • Darryl K. Clark "pywakkit" - trip the hop fantastic

    massive attack's 'blue lines' is a classic example of melding deep bass lines, great percussion tracks, fabulous vocals by tricky and shara nelson and inventive samples into the music phenom known as trip hop.

    many have tried and failed at creating music this good. this is the kind of sound that can sit in the background or take center stage at any event. and its inventiveness is matched only by its timelessness. this cd sounds as good now as it did 15+ years ago.

  • Mcksauntees - Absolutely fantastic!

    I am a huge Haribo brand gummy bear fan which is why I decided to go for the sugar-free variety to curb the sweet tooth and control the quantity. Anyone who has experienced the reaction to sugar alcohols knows what happens when you consume too much... this is not a reason to rank the product low. The texture is the same hard bite you get with the sugared variety, and the bears are clear just like the originals. Now for the taste... I could detect a very subtle aftertaste, but other than that they are exactly like the originals. I wouldn't know which bears were sugar-free if I was given both. These are a fantastic alternative to the sugar variety, but if you plan to eat your gummy bears by the handful, these are not for you... now if only I could find sugar free gummy cola's I would be set!