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  • Alliebeth - Finally, a stroller for tall people!

    I'm 5'10 and my husband is 6'2, so finding a decent umbrella stroller that didn't kill our backs after 10 minutes was a much bigger challenge than I was anticipating. This is (by several inches) the tallest lightweight stroller I've found, which makes it worth every penny. I also prefer the two handles over the single bar design that so many strollers seem to have. It takes awhile to get the hang of collapsing the Swift, but after you figure it out it's pretty easy. It folds up small, is light, and my son seems very comfortable. I've actually bought this stroller twice since we lost the first, so I loved it enough to be a return customer!

  • mkolber - a vehicle for neuroticism

    This book's blessing and curse is all the numbers it contains. Average gpas, mcat scores, interview and acceptances given, etc. are easy to get caught up in (they aren't as important as you think), but it gave me information on a few schools that i didn't know about at first, one of which gave me an acceptance. The cost of applying to medical school is so exorbitant anyway, you may as well spend the money on one of these books, and MSAR is the one my pre-health admissions committee recommended: it's the gold standard.

    5 stars because, well, it helped get me into medical school. Good luck...


    wow. First off, I cannot believe how many people are bashing this product. This thing works EXACTLY as advertised. there is no sticky or nasty residue left on the phone. I have let others try it because they dont believe me! the phone does NOT fall off. the suction to the windshield works perfect. This works great! BUY IT!