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  • Alan from ChampionsGate - Samsung Evolution KitI'm becoming more and more of a Samsung devotee. ( I own a Samsung laptop, Samsung washer and dryer, Samsung 75 inch 3D TV) I appreciate the quality and the cost. I'd buy another Samsung product in a heart beat if the need arose.
    The Samsung Evolution kit simply tells me that Samsung is forward-looking. I found my best deal on Amazon for the Evolution Kit and the 75inch 3D TV.
  • Joe C "likes to read" - truth is much stranger then fictionStrange book that seems too way out to be true. Except, these same things are written about in scientific and medical journals. And again, these same stories of hidden agendas come from other writers and other time periods. All of them are saying there is some hidden agenda working for the enslavement or destruction of the human race.
  • MzJaxxon - The Perfect Pen for Real WomenThe flame of this pen is only for the women -
    How unlucky are the men;

    To feel the Bic glide across an even fairer skin
    In silky slide.

    This is truly a treasure, no other can match it...ever.

    And I compose this verse...with the Cristal from my purse, to better, from worse.

    Chaka Khan. Let me rock you Chaka Khan.

    Periwinkle clouds in Autumn. Eternal.
  • venus_smrf - Great purchase!I bought this for my ten-year-old, who needs a computer for homework and trips, but I think I use it almost as much as she does.

    I live in the boondocks, and even a trip to the grocery store takes almost two hours each way, so I needed something she could use in the car. We've loaded a couple of movies on her ipad, and she has a whole bunch of games that keep her occupied. She also uses this for homework, which frees up my computer and makes things a lot easier on all of us.

    My only complaint is that this doesn't come with much memory, and it doesn't have a way to add any more. We used up her memory fairly quickly and had to clear out some things (or move them to her cloud), which wasn't ideal. Still, definitely worth the money!
  • Mscasey - Very happy!I found them on Amazon after searching "Wendy Davis shoes" -- and that is a tribute to Amazon. I'm not a runner and at the moment not even ambulatory (broken foot), but I will wear them proudly when I go in to get this cast off. They're beautiful. The left shoe fits great. I'll be walking for Wendy in them soon...