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  • Rhianna Walker "Rhi" - Finally one that REALLY glows!I can't even find ZOM-BODY TO LOVE locally because the spa I go to didn't bother getting enough for customers. They had it sitting amidst the other polishes available for mani-pedi clients but didn't even have it swatched so not even the cosmetologists knew they had it. The bright green caught my eye and since I loooove green I asked what it was and I am so glad I did.

    The color is gorgeous in the bottle but you won't achieve the same hue even with multiple coats. This is a thin polish to allow for the glowing effect. At three coats I can still see through my polish a little and the color reminds me of surgical scrubs. It's very flattering on my very fair skin and I wish she'd given me just one more coat. She wasn't sure that the polish would be very glowy and I forgot all about it. Later that night I turned the light out to go to bed and startled myself when my toes made a nice green streak jumping into bed.

    I bought a cheap-o glow-in-the-dark polish last year and even with several coats got only a very faint glow. This polish, however, is full-nail bright glow. I absolutely LOVE it and suggest it to anyone who is looking for a high-quality glowing polish that's still pretty by daylight. Grab it fast because it's going-going-gone everywhere!
  • Alan P. Mcguiness "aotearoa" - Wish I had purchased soonerMy cancer medication gives me terrible night sweats and hot flashes, plus I have the "burning feet" syndrome from diabetes, this pillow is an absolute godsend. Since I sleep like a rock, I do not move much, so can wake up sweaty in the morning. My solution is to have two Chillows, and I change over during the night, usually without remembering. I refrigerate mine every evening, would not be without it, and for $24.95 it is a great buy. Be sure to "burp" it properly to get the air out. Also use it for a nap or if I have a headaches, great!!
  • mobilgas - Easy to use and "the" Accounting software of choice for small businessEasy to use software that can be customized for many different businesses and uses. For most tasks, if you can enter data into your check register, you can do just about anything. You can easily customize forms, reports and information to fit your business. Many add-on products to assist with running a business, we find the payroll add-on to make payroll easy and not have to worry about all the payroll tax forms. Features and use by many accountants that allow you to do most of teh work and then get assistance from your accountant for year end taxes or financial advice. Its just about the only software name you need for lower cost, easy to use accounting software. Unless you have very specific requirements or unique needs, there is no other software out there besides Quickbooks.