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  • LovelyBubbley - So very yummy!So I was dining out of town and saw this wine on the restaurant's wine list. I thought it sounded pretty tasty, so despite the ridiculous $12 per glass they were charging, I went ahead and ordered. I've been into the pinks lately and figured what the heck. They brought out a rather large glass of this gorgeous wine- I mean it's seriously just the most lovely shade of pink ever. I took a little sip and was pleasantly delighted. Sweet with a little bite, just enough to make it stand out from other pinks. I did a web search while waiting on my meal to see what this refreshing little number cost per bottle and had to laugh when I saw it as cheap as $8. I know restaurants make a decent profit on their booze, but I don't think I've ever seen a single glass sell for almost double what the whole bottle costs. LOL! I'll definitely be adding this to my cache of wines. Cheap, tasty, and just a little different. Yum!
  • Lisa - Hypothyroid, gaining while living on fish, veggies, no dairy, wine etc. The Plan changed all of that!I am hearing far too many women in my life saying "I don't eat much" in response to my compliments on how great they look or when I ask how they lost the weight. They look so saddened when they say this. The thing is I was one of them in my 30s and in my 40s I was still one of them except I wasn't losing weight any longer. Then, the Plan entered my life and I began to eat so much food, all different types and could not seem to finish a meal on the Plan because I was full so fast. Previously, in an effort to stop the 15-20 pounds of weight I had gained due to hypothyroidism (I thought) . I was eating healthy foods and 1200-1400 calories per day, I dedicated myself to 5-6 days/week of 1-1.5 hours of working out, finally becoming vegan with an occasional fish (wild & locally caught). I watched my friends on the same diet dropping weight, but my acne, PMS and hypothyroidism continued, but with the large amount of exercise I was finally maintaining an 8-pound weight loss. I had to keep it up just to maintain!! (sigh...I was exhausted). I was skeptical because I had tried it all: weight watchers, medifast, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, all organic, with exercise, without exercise and all of them started great and ended with weight gain. So, I watched my friends for a year and still, they were having success and healing their health issues as well. I did try to convince Lyn Genet that I was different so her plan may not work with me. Taking one more chance, I committed to the Plan with the same loyal, honest, commitment I had to the others. I lost weight....FAST! 5 lbs. the first week and it just kept coming. That is what kept me going, that I lost immediately...not 1-2 pounds/month like I had the rest of my 30s and 40s, but daily. I ate foods I had cut out (with trepidation, but I did it), I had wine and chocolate every night, ate gourmet meals that were fast to prepare, cheese, potato chips, bread (hadn't had those in forever and I dropped 10 pounds in 20 days!) Foods that were making me gain: wild white fish, scallops, sun-dried tomatoes, hummus (which I ate daily for protein). I cut those, out, NEVER count calories, and I have kept it off. Not only that but I am medication free when I eat Plan menus consistently. Amazing! Miraculous!! It is only 20 days, you can do anything for 20 days, commit and do your best to do it 100% and it will happen for you!
  • Sherryl R. Williams - Great for Small Businesses/Home-Based Businesses!!!If you're a small/home-based business, you must get this software!!. The software is so easy to use because it walks you through the program step-by-step; ensures that you get the maximum deductions allowed. After you enter all of your information, the program will check your return for errors, etc. Once you load your tax information into the TurboTax Program for the very first time, TurboTax will incorporate each year after that, and allow you to make the necessary changes for the current year. Be sure to use and save your tax information to the same computer each year so that the TurboTax Program can find it. I've been using TurboTax since 2007 and each year it's one of the best business investment that I've made.