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  • Amnon Feiner - Straight to the pointI have followed the "viaMonstra" series for a while now, and they are the best. Not a wasted word or page, and unlike other books that waste 150-200 pages on garbage, thanks and history i did not pay for Kent delivers from page 3 :-). It makes the book easy enough to carry around as well.
    Get the book, Kent is a well known world wide expert, and the book shows.
  • Shawn Smallwood "Shawn" - I did not profusely poop on myself idk why all you people did~I bought this product to test out on my supervisors at work in high hopes that they would eat it, and crap themselves. As a man with a conscience I had to test out this product first to see if it lived up to the reputation that others had perceived it to be. So I ate about 15 gummy bears…. and I did not all of the sudden become a born again Christian praising the toilet gods with my foul holy brown water. I had a regular typical day hahaha. So… to test this out even more I sat down with the huge bag, and munched away to my hearts content watching movies. Four hours later…I still haven't pooped myself. I must have the most amazing stomach ever, or everyone else should go see a doctor hahahahaha. I find this even more amusing because I am a health nut, and generally do not eat crap like this…as I said it was purchased to bring to work for the office for a****** to eat. I'm still going to bring it to work in high hopes that my supervisors will crap themselves, as their stomachs probably are not as amazing as mine!
  • Kristine Baker - Makes senseI checked this out in the advice of a close friend. So glad I did. We started the diet before she did and I'm down over 14 lbs in less than 2 weeks! Finally found something that allows me to eat and see losses consistently in a big way. I feel much healthier and I have so much energy! I have been able to handle so much more and accomplish so much because of the healthy shift in my diet!
  • Tyler R - Great, solid productWhen I replaced my stereo, I also replaced in after-market adapter kit. This one is FAR superior to the much more flimsy product it replaced. It's solid, allows for pocket on top or on bottom mounting in some vehicles, and looks professional.

    I have a 2001 Mazda B3000 (Mazda branded Ford Ranger), and it fit perfectly and holds my heavy deck securely.