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  • Basil A Ba-aziz - Perfect on Mac Book Pro 17

    Install on MBP 17 2011 Model with 16GB and i7 Processor, the speed is amazing and with Parallels the booting time for Windows 7 (5 Seconds) , Previously I was having Momentous 750 Seagate (Hybered SSD) Drive it have many problems (Could not defrag or you will lose the drive) and I lost 2 Drives so far of that. I decided to move to SSD and I shocked by the difference of the speed and performance.

    It is very good investment price per MB is excellent, I bought it from Crucial Website 499$ + 50$ Taxes.

    Using BlackMagic Speed test here is the results:
    Writing (411 - 422 MB/s )
    Reading ( 484.9 - 491 MB/s)

    Compared to Momentous W( 78.5 - 101 MB / S) R( 85-90 MB/s) (92$) Seagate Momentus 7200 750 GB 7200RPM SATA 3Gb/s 16 MB Cache 2.5 Inch Internal Notebook Hard Drive -Bare Drive ST9750420AS

    This is the best Disk I ever had

  • Nina Simon - The only real stuff

    This clears the face if followed as prescribed. Godd stuff, if you are in a need and have spent
    money on facails and useless drug store products you must try this. It is the only stuff I have seen work.

  • happy customer - Norton 360

    This product is phenomenal…… I have been using Norton for 3 years now & it works very well in protecting all my computers without any pesky pop-up each time you sign in. I would definitely recommend this product to all since I have been completely satisfied for the past few years. I just want to thank Amazon for mailing this product so quickly & packaging it in a secure manner. Thank you.

  • Discursive Boojum - True Story

    There is a lot of hype about this milk and some of it just looks like the lies they tell on infomercials instead of true testimonials. This probably will as well but it is true.
    I was a teenager in Italy about the time all the psas were on American tv about milk. You know the ones. Geeky kids, skinny and plain girls telling the people who were picking on them "I drink milk" and showing how good they looked when they grew up. I'm sure millions of kids who saw those commercials decided right then they needed a glass of milk. I haven't seen any of the commercials though.
    I was in Italy, drinking Italian milk. A geeky boy who spent hours playing role playing games and could tell you more than you ever needed to know about Jack Kirby's X-men. The sort of guy you would assume would grow up to be an adult man in my parents basement playing role playing games and spending my paychecks on comic books.
    After I graduated high school, I joined the Army like my step-dad. Lived in Germany for a while, then back stateside until I left the Army because I was all I could be.
    After a year back home, I sold almost everything I owned for a plane ticket to Alaska. After I was there for about a year, I met a lady on an online old-fashioned MBBS RPG. You know how sexy gamer girls are, this one was even more special. She was an exotic dancer with pink hair, the sort of person who would never be with geek like me.
    We got to know each other, and she threw herself at me. She didn't seem to realize that I was a total geek with a comic book habit. She said I looked like Tom Cruise on steroids, or was that Pee Wee Herman on Big Macs? I don't remember. We started dating, and she became my wife.
    These days? I'm a well-respected professional in my field, I make enough money to pay for all the comic books I want, and I have a gorgeous wife.
    I know it's because I drank milk, because I was lucky enough to be able to spend those formative years in Italy where Italian milk is easy to find.
    If you love your teens, this milk is well worth the price, it's worth any price. It leads to happy futures even for dice and comic book collecting geeks.

  • Hermes - A must read.

    Sam Harris provides one of the most thoughtful and thought-provoking books this year. Not to disparage the other equally recognizable atheist writers - Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, etc - but there is something more inspiring in Harris' writing (as well as his amazing lectures). This book is for anyone and everyone and is a beautiful step towards a better way of thinking about morals and where they really come from. An absolute must read.