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  • Luke Sparks - Let's be realistic here

    Alright, let me start off by stating that I personally love this pan. I was given one of these pans as a gift after I showed the infomercial to my Dad. He told me to try it out and if it works like it says it does he'd buy himself one. Now by my nature I am easy to believe things that I see on TV, but I did lots of research on these pans and really wanted to try one for myself. Well of course I wanted to test it out for myself, so I tried the blowing the egg out of the pan test. It worked great. I was really surprised and quite amazed to be honest and was very happy with the outcome. Now let's get to the realistic part. The stuff they did on the commercial was intended to sell the product. If you buy this pan execting it to be the most non-stick surface on planet earth (Like the infomercial makes it seem), then you WILL be disappointed. The pan cleans up very easily, that doesn't mean that you can let food dry on and it magically wipe clean with a wave of a towel. I have used my pan mainly to cook omlets and have browned beef in it along with spaghetti sauce. My pan has worked perfectly every time I've used it and it cleans up very easily. Bottom line is if you want a good non-stick pan for a very decent price, I highly recommend this pan. Update: I recently tried to toast some French bread for some special sandwiches that I was making. While I was toasting them it left black marks all over the pan and made it very unattractive looking. I tried washing it very coursely with detergent multiple times and even tried boiling water with detergent in it, neither method worked. Now as much as I liked this pan, I would leave it sitting on my stovetop and these marks left the pan unnacceptable to do this anymore. I'm not sure exactly what went wrong but ultimately It ended with me having to throw away my pan due to it looking like it did. This setback does not change my original opinion of the pan as i have had it for many months now and used it very very often I will repurchase this pan.

  • nursing student - nurses pocket guide

    Great purchase, just what I wanted!
    I'm a nursing student who was after a little book that I could keep on me when I needed to look up medications for patients. Very happy purchser.

  • William K. Moore - Seriously Fun

    I got this book yesterday and read it straight through, including on the playground as my seven-year-old daughter played after school. Another parent walked up and noting the subtitle said, "Oh, I prefer page-turners, something more escapist." I told her "This is a page turner!" And I could have added, "And a high point in a great escape--science's escape from the last vestiges of dark-ages dualism."

    The premise of the book is straightforward: if we are the product of physical forces, then not only is our morality physically determined, but conflicting moralities, and potential moralities, can be rated, in principle, based on their likely physical outcomes. (Physical because brain states--all we think and feel--are physical states.) One simply needs a general standard, "well-being," which like "health" need not be meticulously defined.

    Of course people are free to reject well-being (on this earth) as a standard, and the rest of us are free to observe the contradictions, absurdities and acute suffering that result from this rejection.

    One of the striking features of this book is its combination of great humility and great ambition. Harris doesn't have all the answers, as he reminds us over and over, but with great daring he argues that many of the answers are possible.

    As I read the book I kept imaging accomplished scientists having Thomas Huxley moments, saying to themselves, "How stupid of me not to have thought of this!" (See Dawkins's comments). Open-minded lay readers might say this as well--in my experience, exactly the kind of reaction that makes a book seriously fun.