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  • Jtealsmith - My "Miracle" Cure

    For years I have struggle with digestional issues and troubles going to the bathroom. Since using Align, everything has completely changed. I went from hardly beiing able to go once a week or even two weeks sometimes, to now being able to go atleast once a day. I feel less bloated, and a huge sense of relief every day now. I would highly, highly recommend Align to anyone suffering for digestional track issues and/ or people who endure troubles going to the bathroom on a regular basis. Align really has been my "miracle" cure that I've been looking for!

  • Mrs Magoo - Real Person, Amazing Product

    After the birth of our baby, I began fighting Ductal Candidiasis. There was not help to be found from doctors or midwives or any "professional." I was tired of taking round after round of prescription medication that did not work. I was about to give up breastfeeding because of this extremely painful malady. I launched out on my own desperate search to find relief. I found Three-lac and within 3 days, my symptoms were tolerable. Within 5 they were totally gone. I thought....if three is good, why not try 5? I ordered FiveLac and it came THE NEXT DAY. It continues to keep my symptoms at bay and allows me to feed my baby the way I want to. Thank goodness for these products. I am a real person, I had a real problem and These products REALLY WORK! Don't mess around. Get it and try it and feel better NOW!

  • Snoda - Great, small, book

    I am a nursing student and have clinical care plans to do for my patients every single week. I bought this book and it was very helpful. It has much of the info you need to know what a med is for and the contraindications of it. The writing is small but I like that because the book is VERY small. Maybe for someone older that may be a problem but not for me. Overall, very happy with my purchase.

  • Sarcastic Master - Revelations

    After buying this product and using it for a year I was surprised to discover that this is in fact used by women to clean their privates, which surprises me because it cleans teeth fairly efficiently too. Well now ladies you can take care of one after the other and never leave the shower! What a great invention! I'm going to buy one for all my close friends and family now. FIVE STARS FOR VERSATILITY!!!!