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Country: Asia, JP, Japan

City: Tokyo, Tokyo-to

  • D. Lam - Great exercisePROS
    + The best part of this game is the variety of exercises and activities it offers - dance classes, boot camp, jump rope, run the world, etc
    + The advanced classes (and even some the mid-level ones) can KICK MY BUTT. I never considered my self out of shape but I am breathing really hard after some exercises. The boot camp dude kills me!
    + I also have a Wii Fit and one thing I hated was that it was kind of negative - when it weighs you it says, "Oh!" and says things like "You took a break, didn't you?" Shut up! This game is more encouraging - "Great job! Work hard to get your score even harder!"
    + There is additional content you can purchase (Jump Rope Survival Mode and Cool Down classes)

    - I wish the upper body workouts incorporated more standard weight exercises. It really focuses on pushups.

    I am hoping they come out with more downloadable content.

    I'm not sure how accurate the "calories burned" tracking is. I'm working pretty hard and it says I burn less than the cardio machines do at the gym. I'm guessing the truth is somewhere between the two.
  • Solveig - Its amazing!!!I love love love this machine!!! I have suffered from hirtutism for multiple years, I have started and stopped going to the professionals for hair laser treatment (as it was to expensive for me). I finally, and after much research, bought the Remington IPL light machine. I have used it for two months now, and I am proud to say you can hardly see any reminants of once was dark patches with black thick hairs. I am soo happy with this product that i am telling everyone!! I even told my doctor so that he could let other patients of this product know. I feel soo good about how i look now, i can even go with out the concealer if needed!!.
  • Sarah - I drink it for breakfast.I like this shake. I drink it for breakfast during the week because I am not a morning person. I just add it to my shaker, add milk, and leave. Shake it and drink it while in the car. I drink it with milk only I do not like shakes with water. I personally think this shake tastes good and I haven't gotten sick of using the same flavor which was an issue I had with other shakes. I have never tried those other little packets. I am not sure if it is good for weight lose but I drink it to help keep me full through the morning with no prep time needed. I don't drink as much as it recommends and it gets me through the morning with minimal hunger. Additionally I am always hungry so take my review how you would like, thats all I've got to share.