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  • Valerie A. Baute - Great Addition to SeriesThe most recent addition to the I Survived series also happens to be the most recent event covered. It isn't the only even that has happened in recent history, so it isn't setting a new precedence in the series. I do like that it is an event younger children might even remember. The main character, Ben, is American visiting his Japanese uncle for a vacation that his father planned before he died in an accident. Ben didn't want to go, and then tragedy struck. He has to use courage that he learned through his father's stories of life during war in order to help save his mother, uncle, brother, and especially himself.

    This quick read is perfect for the recommended age, grades 2 and up. There are some tough situations, so it isn't for kids who are disturbed by realistic dangerous situations or death. It is very quick-paced with just a little bit of back story. For kids that like history, realistic fiction or adventure and are ready for a real chapter book, this series is the perfect choice. Any child who has liked the other books in this series will surely like this installment as well. The good thing about this series is that you don't have to read the other books in order to read this one. If some of the other events are too scary, kids can pick up the ones that interest them. The true facts in the back help make this even more educational, something parents love. It also would make this a good book to use in a classroom to teach the subject of natural disasters, storms, etc.

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  • Arielle M. - Keeps my lady parts in orderIn addition to what everyone else has said, I can organize all the documentation I have on my lady parts, and any medical procedures or medication pertaining thereto, in one of these binders. Comes in handy in case R's government wants to know why I haven't conceived in a while or why my husband has a rash (not that he does, of course, but if he did...). SO helpful!

    I hear there are lots of openings right now for handmaids The Handmaid's Tale (Everyman's Library). Good to know, since that's the sort of job that would allow me to exercise my lady bits in a government-approved manner.

    PS - that "durable view" is a lifesaver! How else could I get honest appraisals of the quality of my lady parts, if nobody can see them?