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  • Tami H. "Mom & teacher" - Great flying toy - one of the best flying toysOur 3 year old loves flying it. It worked after the first charge (27 mins), and is still working great 2 weeks later. She can charge and fly it herself. You don't really control it exactly, but she has gotten great at catching it mid-air and releasing it. The design is awesome, and the fairy is pretty. She's dainty and yet sturdy - and she balances well, and flies at the perfect height. When the batteries start to die, she flies a little lower than usual. It does not hurt if it runs into you (or your hand).
    Its one of the best flying toys we've seen. Usually they don't fly well, or break immediately, but this works. We all love it.
  • zattack "-Z" - Improving on an already great bookNo errata so far, if you are waiting for errata, you can keep waiting. The authors gave me and about 3000 other students a chance to edit the 2013 edition for a couple months before its release in Jan 2013. I can tell you that the editing box was riddled with comments and suggestions that they took to heart. The comments and changes resulted in what I believe to be the best first aid yet, a first aid that conveys the information more concisely without the extra book of errata that accompanies the 2012 FA.

    Other notes:

    Addition of more information to supplement such as a drug tox chart and other things that are really high yield.

    The embryo section was split into organ systems

    I strongly urge you to buy this book if you are studying for step 1. I believe it an essential part for those few months we have to study.

    Im going to get back to it. Good luck everyone!
  • Cath C - So far, so good!This product works as advertised. I haven't used it a lot, but it works well for watering my outdoor plants. I am afraid to turn the water on full blast because of some of the reviews, but it serves a purpose for my gardening. The plastic connectors seem to be fragile - we shall see once spring comes and it gets more use.
  • Buzzy Brown - Five stars...and a double rainbow...all the way!I'll let the other glowing reviews speak for themselves. I felt this book provided an excellent story from start to end. The only frustration I felt was when the story cut between the two to three simultaneous story lines interrupting some fairly climactic events. However in retrospect it was done quite well, sparing the audience from having to read what they knew was sadly inevitable in several cases. Also don't think the book is all sunshine and roses, it's a dystopian tale for the most part with people dying that you don't want to. However, the conclusion is quite satisfying and fits excellently with the next book (Shift).

    I noticed one review that lamented the author's overly obvious and wordy style. Maybe it was there but it wasn't something I noticed or detracted in any way from the story. You can always read the first book (for free) if you are concerned...but beware, although the first book stands on it's own as a short story but since I knew the rest of the omnibus was available via a mere click away, I had to buy it immediately.