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  • Tippiwoo - Best vacuum I have ever ownedI have 2 dogs that both shed, this lightweight monster is perfect for picking up dog hair and lightweight enough that it isn't such a "chore" to vacuum. I love the attachments as well. We had a Hoover that was much more expensive, heavier & a little over a year old, this Shark replaced that Hoover. Such a great purchase that we bought one for my parents who also think very highly of this Shark!
  • Ms. H. Cunningham "Smeg" - So far so good.I got the bottle in the mail a few days ago so I've only been trying the supplement for a couple of days, but so far it seems to be working.

    I'm a runner and I recently got an injury which put me out of action. Not only was I not exercising, but also turning to food in my boredom - I don't own any 'cover up' outfits, so I simply cannot allow myself to have a fat day. I've tried green tea pills before, but wasn't impressed with how they made me feel, and to be honest they put me off using supplements for this kind of thing. Anyway, after seeing a rather persuasive TV ad about the stuff, I thought I might as well try it.

    In the three days so far I've noticed I don't think about food when I'm bored. I guess it's doing something to my insides that means the hungry signals aren't being released. I mean, I still want my dinner at 6pm, but I feel a little more in control of what I eat. I'm drinking a normal amount still which is great, as I was concerned it might affect my thirst, and I'm not bloated.

    Hopefully this will be a nice alternative while my foot heals, although there is no real substitute for exercise!
  • Michael Henshaw "poppundit" - Calvin Coolidge: The Last American IdealistAmity Shlaes' new book Coolidge is essential reading for those who want to understand how the Progressive movement moved the nation toward the tax-and-spend policies that are commonplace today.

    Calvin Coolidge was a strong believer in service, but he also respected the idea that our leaders shouldn't be glorified. President Coolidge understood that nothing hurts American business more than uncertainty. The White House is no place for experimentation. Coolidge cleaned up Harding's mess, lowered taxes, increased tax revenues, and reduced the post-war debt. It was a remarkable achievement that he accomplished against the growing Progressive movement that was in both parties.

    In 1927, President Coolidge was expected to run for another term. His reelection was basically guaranteed. However, Coolidge decided not to seek reelection. His decision not to run had devastating consequences. It allowed the Progressive Herbert Hoover to get a elected. President Hoover was a firm believer in government intervention and his policies after the stock market crash in 1929 were a large reason the economic downturn was so severe.

    Shlaes doesn't go into too much detail about Hoover. That's in her fantastic book The Forgotten Man. Calvin Coolidge was a very popular president whose term is overshadowed by the Great Depression. It seems fitting that a man who thought worshiping presidents was in poor taste has been lost in time thanks in part to the deification of Franklin D. Roosevelt. It's been nearly 100 years and the United States has learned all the wrong lessons from that period. Thanks to Progressive intelligentsia it's not likely that the United States' policy makers will change course any time soon.
  • R. Brown - The One Minute CureI have read this book, and find it very interesting. If the information in it does all it claims to do, then it is great. I am following the plan that is suggested, and am hoping to gain the health that is indicated within it's pages. It's very informative and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving their health.
  • D. Clayton - OMG OMG OMG OMG THIS IS THE CABLE!OMG OMG OMG - those are the only three letters on my keyboard I will ever need to use in my life from now on: I have seen the future, and that future is DENON AKDL1!

    I received three of these cables in the mail without warning - I came home and they were just sitting on my front step. I never ordered these cables, so I wasn't sure what was going on. I brought them in the house and set them aside while I checked my Amazon account. Surely enough, it had seemed that someone purchased these cables four days prior, using my account. At first I thought it might be fraud, but if so, why were the cables shipped to my house and not somewhere else? So the only other explanation that made sense to me was that maybe Amazon got my account mixed up with some other purchase.

    I was in the middle of sending an email to Amazon about this mix-up, when my laptop network cable went dead! I pulled an AKDL1 out of the package and hooked it up between my laptop and router. ALL I CAN SAY IS OMG. I didn't follow the directional markings on the cable. After all, ethernet cable is bidirectional, no? I didn't think it mattered which end I plugged into the laptop. I WAS SO VERY WRONG.

    To make a long story short, it appears that IF YOU HOOK UP THESE CABLES BACKWARDS, THEY WILL SEND AND RECEIVE ETHERNET PACKETS INTO THE PAST. That's right! When the cable were hooked up backwards, every website I visited served content from four days in the past. Few examples: Windows Update tried to install old patches my system already had; visiting the WWW clock website showed the date from four days prior; my account didn't show the cable purchase I just mentioned above; all articles from digg and reddit were four days old; no email that I sent or received within the past four days was being displayed by my email host.

    When I switched the cable to be connected properly, I started seeing current website content again. What the heck was going on? The only thing I can figure is that maybe the Denon cables pass electrons at faster than the speed of light, effectively causing them to travel backwards in time.

    To see if this was really the case, I switched the cables back again so that they would serve content from the past, and I logged into Amazon and purchased three of these cables. When I received a tracking number from Amazon, I compared it to the tracking number on the package I received, and they were identical! So it turns out that I had been the one who originally sent myself the cables, only I hadn't known it because some weird sort of causality loop caused a time irregularity to spontaneously form. I wonder if this causality loop was somehow caused by someone else who had also hooked up the AKDL1 improperly.

    Anyways, I love these cables and plan to see what weird effects I can accomplish with three of them hooked up in random configurations. I'm going to try to download some diagrams of a flux capacitor to see if I can make something like that with these cables. I also am going to do a Google search to see if I can submit winning lottery numbers to online lottery sites four days in the past. If so, I should quickly be able to win up enough money to buy a few more of these cables. I'll report back on my progress by sending an email back to myself, telling me to edit this comment with the results.

    [UPDATE: These cables do all that I hoped they would, and more. In fact, you better buy them while you can - I have enough money now to buy Denon and discontinue their production facilities. This cable is too powerful to be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.]

    My overal opinion - if you have the choice between life-saving surgery or buying one of these cables, buy the cable! You'll be able to send yourself an email into the past to warn yourself about anything that's coming up. Also, you could probably send emails into the past whenever you get into arguments or whatnot with your significant other. That alone is well worth the exorbitant price!

    [UPDATE: My apologies to Denon for calling their prices exorbitant. It seems that they too experienced time causality problems with these cables; they updated their website pricing from far in the future, when $500 is worth more like $25 of your present day currency, due to inflation. And as you can guess, my attempts to buy Denon were unsuccessful. They have more of these cables than I do, and were effectively able to out-strategize me.]