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  • Utnorris - Easy to useI have used this for the last few years getting the new version each year. It's low price, accurate and we maximize our return without having to get into any gray areas. The interface is simple, answer the questions and it fills in everything. The only advice I would give is when you finish, print your return out as a PDF so that if you need it quickly for reference and you do not have the software installed then you can pull it up easily.
  • - My thanks to Jan Karon for her wonderful book.As an individual who grew up in a rural town of 6,000 people I found this book to be a trip back in time. It was thoroughly enjoyable and a great start in the Life in Mitford book series. Don't read this book if you're looking for doom and gloom. It's not a glamorous read for those looking for pimps, hookers, drug dealers and more doses of depression. Filled with colorful and eccentric characters that heaven forbid ... sometimes pray!!Now residing in a metropolitan area, I enjoyed the opportunity to escape the moment and venture back twenty years. I would suggest to those of you who think Life In Mitford is pure fiction that you pack your bags and drive around the back roads of this country. There are some beautiful small towns with beautiful and kind people.Thanks Jan Karon, I'm looking forward to your next book.
  • Bethalina7 - Great meal replacement.My mother is not fond of asking for help. I have found that by providing this meal replacement drink and having it on auto shipment is a great way to assist her. She needs to eat to take her medication but rarely has an appetite. She is unable to lift heavy objects and it is very convenient to have delivered to her door. She is appreciative. I can help in this way even though I live 600 miles away. It gives me peace of mind.