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  • Nancy M. Lubisco - HUNGRY for more!White Fire is an amazing read on so many levels. If you have read Still Life with Crow, you will want to pick up this book right away. White Fire is Corrie Swanson s story. This character was first introduced in Still Life. This is a first class thriller with many twists and turns. Preston and Child are masters a making you fall in love with their characters. Their voices seamless unit to tell their tales with authenticity. I always feel I am on location with their characters. I love all the Pendergast novels. If this is your first Pendergrast read, I am confident that you will want to read them all. Thanks for a great read, I only regret THAT it is finished and I have to wait for a the next one.
  • Stephen Juan - This is a great resource for new parentsIt literally fits the name "411." Its our go to resource for burning questions from feeding to teething and sleeping. It will give you enough info to know whether to not panic or to call your doctor when your child is sick. Definitely useful for first time parents!
  • Dorie Clark - A Fascinating and Powerful ReadPassionate, visionary, and profound, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in the future of tech. What's more, Scoble and Israel have a miraculous ability to show how the next wave of innovation will not only shape us, but also inspire us. From mobile devices to sensors and location-based services, these authors help us to embrace the power and potential of tech. Bottom line: this is a book about people and how we act on--and with--our world. A most inspiring read.
  • Kirstin - As ExpectedI did a lot of research on external hard drives before settling on this one. The price was fairly average ($119 for 2TB) and it had good reviews and was made by a solid company, so I settled on buying it.

    I've had the drive for about a week now. I did not end up using the software (I never do, personal preference) so I can't comment on that. I'm using it as extra storage so for my years and years of photos, so it just sits on my desk plugged in to my computer and the outlet most all day.

    It arrived promptly, 2 days before it was estimated to arrive in fact. It was well sealed/packaged and worked perfectly and performed as expected. I will say the one draw back on this product is that it does not have a base of some kind and is susceptible to being knocked over fairly easy. At the moment I have it upright on my desk but as soon as I can clear some space I will be setting it on it's side.

    Please do note, however, that I use this drive with a Mac. I don't know how this drive would perform with windows. I also don't know how it works with time machine as I dont use it. If you can get it on sale, this drive is a steal. Even if it's not on sale, it's still a good buy. I would recommend it.
  • ecstatic_anne - This Changed My Life!Man! I could not believe my luck when I first set my eyes on the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer! Finally, something worth purchasing! I ordered it right away, no hesitation to speak of. Of course, right after, I worried. Should I have made such a rash decision? Considering the cost, maybe I should have held off to continue saying for my postage stamp collection-so far I've got enough to completely cover the walls of my house, but I'm really looking forward to also covering the ceilings and maybe even some of the tiles in the kitchen, as I'm going for a really stylistic look.

    But as soon as I got my Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer in the mail, my worries flew out the window! The price may have been a little steep (I almost had to mortgage the house!), but it was absolutely worth it! The quality of this banana slicer is beyond my wildest dreams. When I put up my stamps, I always get a little hungry and because I'm addicted to bananas of course they would be my number one turn to snack, but a whole banana is just too heavy and often times I have to hold it with two hands- which was dreadful because I need a hand for my stamps! So then I had to substitute grapes, which are easier to hold, yes, but not something that can truly satisfy me. But with the new banana slicer, I can cleanly and professionally slice my bananas, which frees up my left hand for stamps!

    I would recommend this product to all others out there like me who just can't seem to hold that hefty banana without two hands! Go for it! I can't believe how much it's already changed my life!! I'm even considering putting stamps on doors next!!