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  • Floating Apex - Coulter never lacks for documented factsYour politics will probably decide if you like this book or not -- either a one star or a five star. I gave it a top rating, and the most refreshing experience in reading it is the ample supply of documented facts and actual historical events that Ms. Coulter utilizes to support her contentions. There are many postulations presented that you will probably have had a strong "hunch" existed and were valid, and Ms. Coulter provides the clarity for both the thesis and the supporting evidence. There will also be many newer arguments that Ms. Coulter seems to have a talent for both perceiving and adequately explaining. The book was hard to put down until finished
  • sfgal2010 - Very helpful.For two months, I followed the regimen very strictly. I also added vinyasa yoga (3x/wk) and uvb phototherapy (2x/wk). I read that narrowband uvb is best; however, due to costs/insurance, I was only able to get broadband uvb and at 2x/wk. To supplement that, I made sure I got an additional day per week of tanning in the sun (no more than 40 min). This is actual sunshine; tanning booths scare me. I also used a prescription steroid/vitD combo ointment maybe 1-2x/wk and dead-sea salt baths 1-2x/wk. In two months time, my p reduced 50% and I dropped a size. I was getting compliments on how "healthy" I was looking. The whites of my eyes also began to look, well, white, as they should be, and my skin was clear and glowing. I was on a very good road. A life event happened that caused a lot of stress for me, which made me start to eat crappy food again and reduce yoga to maybe 1x/wk. I also started drinking again, and although I only go out maybe 2x/week, 2-3 drinks each time was not good. Major flare-up. The only constant was the uvb phototherapy, which although I think kept the flare-up from getting too out of control somewhat, cannot fix the p on its own. THE REGIMEN IN HEALING PSORIASIS WORKS. I don't know if it's a cure, but after a month of straying and seeing its negative impact, I am a believer and am getting back in that saddle.
  • Sophia Williams "sophia banana" - Worked wonders for me!Before I started using ProActive I was really embarrassed about my skin problems. I'm 26, and it wasn't just acne. I have very sensitive skin, that tends to be on the dry side. So dry before, I would apply a face lotion several times in the morning before putting on any make-up. NOW I can even leave the house without make-up! I didn't have problem skin until a few years ago, and now thanks to ProActive I don't anymore either! Jeez, I know I sound like an infomercial, but I am so grateful my hubby talked me into trying it.
    I have found that the face wash can be drying and harsh. So I only use it at night when I need to take my make-up off. In the morning I just splash some cold water on my face, followed by the toner and then the lotion. My face feels great now, and is perfectly clear!
  • Gavin Scott - Still the gold standard in personal accountingQuicken (and its Quickbooks sibling) are the packages that pretty much single-handedly eliminated the accounting application software business for small to medium sized businesses, and brought easy management of financials into the realm of the personal computer.

    If you're not a Quicken user then this is a great place to start.

    If you are a quicken user, then as others have said this version is incremental rather than revolutionary, and sometimes it feels like the furniture is just being re-arranged to make it feel like a new house even though there's not really that much that's new.

    Quicken makes it easy to do all those record keeping, tax planning, budgeting, and other tasks that you know you need to do, and you keep telling yourself you're going to get around to. It pretty much takes your hand and leads you thought the process, even if you don't know anything about accounting.