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  • tcostan1 - Perfect for small apartmentI live in a medium sized apartment with hardwood floors and a dog that sheds. I am now finally able to keep up with the dog hair. Space is a premium so having a small vacuum that stores easily is great. The suction is strong, yet the vacuum is not that loud. Also, not having to deal with a cord makes it much easier to clean up the whole apartment quickly, or just do a quick spot check.

    This has been one of the best products I have bought in a long time for convenience and practicality. That said, it is expensive, but there are no other cordless, bagless, small, strong, and easy to store vacuums out there, so I bought it anyway. Worth the $ in my opinion.

    Important to note, this product would be a total waste of money if you lived in a big house.
  • D. U. Cahn - It worksI have been using this product for several years after having diarrhea following antibiotics after knee surgery. Strangely enough, most doctors are clueless about probiotics and Align in particular, although it was a primary care doctor who told me about it.
  • Renee D. - Pricy but very effective. Check Costco and Amazon both before buying.I used these after getting a water-borne illness while abroad and taking Cipro. Even after the initial sickness was cured, I kept having recurring awful stomach pains. My doctor said there wasn't much to do besides take probiotics, and recommended this brand in particular. I started feeling better after about a full pack, kept taking them for 3 months. Highly recommend. You can sometimes find them at Costco, but Amazon is often the best price.
  • M. Orgolini - Changed my LifeThe Body Ecology Diet changed my life! It is a new way of combining and cooking foods that my body loves. No more sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol . . . would seem to be a difficult thing to accomplish. I am amazed by the wonderful new receipes I have learned from this book. My whole approach to cooking has changed. I can now savor the taste and smell of the vegetables and find carrots to be wonderfully sweet. My sweet tooth is now satisfyed with vegetables. I never would have believed that my cooking would look so beautiful as a result of all the bright veggies I use in my meals. I had never even heard of raw fermented veggies until I started this book. Now, I can't imagine not enjoying them everyday. You will never be sorry for reading this excellent book. I can honestly say that I will be on this course of wholesome fresh food for the rest of my life.
  • Paul Urquhart - Great sound on a budgetI had a Samsung LCD TV on which the sound was insipid. I live in a small terrace house so a full-on sound system was not appropriate. I didn't want to blast the neighbours off their seats but this has improved the overall sound quality and specifically clarity of voices beyond my wildest dreams. The only disadvantage is that my 46 inch TV is too big to sit on top of it so it has to go in front. This was mentioned in the blurb so I knew this from the outset. Bose make great products and this is no exception.