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  • Gini "artisticponderer" - used for yearsWay ahead time wise of IRS, which is so late getting information into their computers, much of which is the same as prior years. And Lasser updates are easily accessed from website. I prepare taxes and this book is way better than the "professional" manuals. Easy to find things with great, useful examples. I'm really good at what I do and had to close my practice years ago, so I know what's what!
  • Babybooky - Wonderful deviceMy daughter is thrilled to have this device. There is so much to do on it and she's ever learning new things. From videos to games to books to learning a new language, there is so much fun in one device. Plus, she leaves me and my husband's tablets alone....well, most of the time. I give it 5 stars but would deduct 1 star only because I wish it had an internal battery charger. It does use a lot of batteries, but we just bought my daughter her own set and we have our own recharger (wouldn't recommend buying the expensive LeapFrog version unless you just want to have the name).