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  • Nicole Siemers "bellyxray (nicole)" - Best grill EVER!

    had this grill for over a yr. and it is awesome. Makes everything taste so much better! My husband put the things together and may have had slight problems (can't remember). He thought after the first heating of it, that he did put it together wrong, because pre-heating at the medium setting will get that puppy up over 700 degrees!

  • Hogarth Blortsporr - We Love You Artie

    Brilliant comedian lives through his heaven/hell of opiates, and tells a horrible tale. A disturbing nonstop "addiction memoir," without the moralistic redemption, but with a very real "survival," so far. Thank God he genuinely kicked cocaine and uppers in the 90s, or he'd be stone dead by now a hundred times over.

    Prone to snorting 25 pills of everything at a time, he did it once with a weird antidepressant, probably in some hell of opiate withdrawals, it rendered him psychotic and he stabbed himself and drank bleach. Fans of the Howard Stern Show felt...bad? I don't know personal friends that I know I well as Artie, just from listening to Howard Stern those years--so it was pretty shocking. I just remember trying to find a real-life Howard Stern fan I could talk to at the time--it was like my cousin got hit by a train, it was so upsetting. This is a tell-all for us people. Howard's show has never really recovered, even if Howard can do listenable radio in his sleep.

    As a literary gem? Hard to rate, being so interested the subject matter. Bozza's prose/Artie's stories are very well-constructed. It's not necessarily gonna be funny, because it's mostly crazy and sad. It's a tell-all, for sure.