Northeast Ohio Medical University — NEOMED - Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) is a community-based, public institution that provides interdisciplinary training of doctors, pharmacists, researchers and other health professionals, offering both a doctor of medicine and a doctor of pharmacy degree. The NEOMED educational consortium includes the Rootstown, Ohio, campus, teaching hospitals, associated hospitals and health departments.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 78218 San Antonio, Texas

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  • Kevin Roberts - Seagate Drives Are Great

    I have three of these drives, two of the seagate 2 TB drives that are the same as this one just 2TB instead of 4TB, two western digital drives, and two Lacie drives (old they're 80 gigs). To be honest I've never had a problem with any external HD. EVER. i use the hell out of them and never had a problem. I use my drives except for the Lacies, as redundant drives. I store anything and everything on mine and they are used every day sometimes up to 10 hours or more (video editing on Final Cut Pro, editing in Photoshop, working in Dreamweaver, and a lot more).

    I will never hesitate to purchase a Seagate drive unless every one I bought started dying immediately. For the price of these 4TB drives you can't beat it in my opinion. Even if I bought one and it didn't work right or was messed up I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one in a second, because all the ones I've had over the years have all been solid. Plus hard drives malfunction. It's just in their nature. It should be expected. That's why I keep 7 hard drives with the same data stored on them.

    You might not need 7 drives like I do, but you should at least be smart enough to have a backup to your main drive. I can only laugh when I read reviews or hear people talking about how there mad because they had one hard drive and it messed up and they lost all their stuff. Hellllllllo? Hard drives are finicky. Don't trust them. ANY of them. Especially when its a $150 external drive. ALL companies making hard drives have failures.

    Like I said, owning three of these drives plus two other Seagates I will never hesitate to buy another one and when the next model comes out in 6TB or whatever it might be Ill be buying those.