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    I feel so sorry for Mizuno to be linked in any way to that horribly uninformed woman, though she does have great taste in shoes. Too bad she didn't use the time and effort it took to research her footwear to research how harmful late-term abortions are for women. The fact that she is attempting to say that clinics will close in Texas if women can't ruin their reproductive systems by waiting five months to terminate their pregnancy is obscene.

    Perhaps she has bought stock in fertility clinics and needs the money from all the broken women who were sold the lie that late-term abortions won't sterilize them and now will never know the joy of conceiving naturally.
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  • Colleen Gill Delaney - OMG! This is AWESOME!I am having my teenage son read this book before he begins the civil rights section in his high school history class. I have quoted this book so frequently in the past three months. Those quotes are making people think which is what is missing in our country right now!!! Think America! Ann Coulter can help you do that.