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  • Keith A. Garrett - Superb gameThis game is superb. I agree that the anti-piracy protection that EA chose to use is a bit extreme, but it looks like EA is backing down on that a bit. Bottom line, the game is a lot of fun, encourages creativity, and gives you tons of things to do and play with. I wouldn't call it revolutionary, and I'm not sure if it's a bona fide phenomemon like the Sims, but I'm very glad I bought it, and it's keeping me up late at night playing.
  • Cat Lady "avid reader" - My second order was as great as my firstGreat product. I underwent surgery, and with all the drugs my system was off. Gas, bloating, etc. I started taking this product and things improved dramatically. If you are going to have surgery start this as soon as possible. Make sure to let your doctor know first, of course, but my surgeons said no problem, good idea.
  • BPLUAS - PES 2012 The Best Soccer Game!I buy this game from Ecuador, since here the costs are very high, the PES is one of the well-known football games and played in South America, this PES undoubtedly bring significant improvement to the development of game, maneuvers, imageses, players, stadiums. And maybe the environment as Dt, Manager, and legend.