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  • Brendakperkins - Wilton Gum Paste & Fondant Lesson PlanExcellent book!! Gives all the little "hidden" goodies all good bakers need. This is probably the best book EVER! I really can't understand why Wilton does not sell these books. Because I've taken the Wilton classes, I know you receive ONE book(image how smudge and sticky the pages get after cooking several cakes). A true cake maker needs more than 1 book because the 1 book will tear up over ages. If Wilton thinks they are making money by signing you up for classes, they are wrong. The classes can be excellent - according to the person teaching it. However, your book is yours forever. You can go back and review items you have forgotten. This is worth every single penny. I don't understand WHY AMAZON will not sell more than 3 books at the time?!?!?...but they won't. Bottom instructional book ever. Will make you #1 cake baker and designer :)
  • Susan M wagner - Buy this for a great Christmas gift!I finally decided to try a tablet and what a great one this is. I had used a friends ipod mini and this rates right up there with it. I have already downloaded some books from amazon and it amazing how easy it was. I have only had it a few days and have found it pretty easy to navigate. I didn't get a manual for this so I have learned alot from just playing around with it. Amazon has a Website that explains some of it's features, like how to plug in and turn on. It is slim and very light weight, easy to put in your purse and great to have when wating for appointments or traveling.
  • Cynthia Ramer "Hyacynth" - Reading with Kindle made easyI fell at work and broke both wrists,and have a torn rotator cuff. With nothing to do but read or watch TV during the long recovery period, I found holding books almost impossible because of the pain in my hands and wrists. My ortho doctor introduced me to his Kindle, and I immediately purchased mine. I am able to read books now, and even have my scriptures, Church hymns, and Sunday School lesson manual downloaded. Kindle goes everywhere with me, except the tub! Folks stop me all the time to ask me what I am looking at and I bet I could have personally sold a dozen or so since May 2008.
  • M. Brown - Brilliant!If you've not read anything by the Holy Ghost Writer, you must! This is another great one! The characters were fabulous and so well developed and more importantly so believable! I just can't recommend highly enough. The story flowed flawlessly and kept me totally engrossed from page one to the end.

    The writing is absolutely top notch, and filled with so many details you can see each scene playing out in your head as you read it. I personally love that in a book, and this one does not disappoint. The author has done an absolutely fabulous job of bringing an old tale back to life. I don't have a clue I don't know who the Holy Ghost Writer is, but I plan to keep reading his work!
  • Clinton - This is Pink Floyd's REAL best CD!This is Pink Floyd best CD. Forget about The Wall and Dark Side for a minute, this is Pink's best work. I bought this early this year and I can't seem to put it down. I even own a vinyl copy. This is even better than majestic Wish You Were Here. Despite it having long songs (3 songs over 10 minutes) I found it easy to penetrate and I fell in love with it on the first lesson.The CD opens and closes with "Pigs On The Wing," a great opening and closing to this but the three track between are Pink Floyds best. "Dogs" is a 17 minute adventure with lots of mood changes. It's a beautiful song. "Pigs" is another great song. It's another 11 minute journey and, not to mention, is a great tune for driving road trips. "Sheep" is the last part of this album. It's another 10 minute song and there is not one bad minute of it. A great closing.Whenever I hear these 5 songs, I get a chill because they are such powerful songs. If length of songs doesn't matter to you, this is THE album. If you do not like long songs, try Dark Side first, if you don't already have it.The most UNDERRATED album ever.