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  • N. Jones - Everything I could hope forPerfection. It's a steep cost at first for a plastic contraption, but it definitely pays for itself between the savings in store-bought seltzer and the convenience of not having to lug it home. Guests love trying it out and also enjoy the benefit of fresh seltzer when they come over.

    I definitely recommend buying extra bottles so you can keep some in the fridge.
  • Megan, FL - compact, powerful, and EASY to cleanWe replaced a Jack LeLane Juicer which was a pain to clean. The nutribullet is SO easy to clean it is no problem to use it multiple times a day. It is powerful--can handle ice cubes and frozen fruit, nuts, etc. The recipe book is great. My husband is using the nutribullet 1-2 times a day rather than go on Lipitor for rising cholesterol. He has lost 10 pounds over the last month with ease...we are waiting on the cholesterol results. I am a Registered Dietitian and love the fact that you don't lose any of the fiber with this product (vs. the juicer) also that you can make a complete "meal" using vegetables, fruit, and a protein source in a short amount of time making compliance more likely. Also the cost is very reasonable. We have had our nutribullet for a few months, use it daily, and have had no problems.
  • D. Bishop - Finally, something that WORKS!This is the only thing that helped my son with the excessive underarm sweating! He is 31 now and we have tried every other deodorant on the market. It took him 2 applications for the Sweat Block to work, then just once a week and it still workes great. He is so very happy with DRY UNDERARMS!! Thanks! He is going to make sure we never run out of SWEAT BLOCK! You might think it is expensive, but just think of all the shirts you will not have to throw away because of yellowing.