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  • LiesFromLittleGirls - Buy This Album, The One Star Voters Are Cheats""The Division Bell" is the final album from Pink Floyd, a band that soon imploded as their fan base grew indifferent over the last ten years. This pretentious album enjoyed lukewarm sales before disappearing from the charts completely. Stacks upon stacks of "The Division Bell" can be found in cut-out bins in record shops everywhere. Gilmour won't admit it, but Pink Floyd are done. They went out not with a bang but with a faint whimper." The Division Bell is not PF's last album. Once again the user going by "You can't ban me" this time is at it again. This worthless B!tch stacks her votes against all of PF's albums to lower their star value. You can't buy a word she is saying, but you can by the album; do so, it is excellent. Nobody seems to like this poor attention starved TRL fan, and that includes the people on Amazon. No, we can't ban you, but we sure as hell can flame your ass.
  • Jessie Jeppesen - health bookI am fascinated by this book. Couldn't put it down. One more thing that has been kept from us by the money hungry drug manufacturerers.I live in Roseville, Ca. andl like to buy books from Amazon.
  • Dianne - THE BEST FOR THE PRICEI always read the rotten reviews - even if the majority are good - I really needed a new vacuum and I didn't have a fortune to spend. I decided based on the reviews to purchase the Shark Navigator - I have had it about 3 months now and am still BLOWN AWAY by the amount of dirt it picks up - I have 2 dogs, a cat and a rabbit. I don't know what they are talking about when they say it blows the pet hair around - it picks all of mine up. I do have to empty the dirt container after each room but that is no big deal. I love this vacuum - don't hesitate to purchase it - you will be very pleased.
  • valmur "V" - Road traveler's must-have guideMy husband and I drive-camp from Massachusetts to Denver, visiting several other states along the way. This is a must-have volume for us, so that we can plan where to stop for lunch, as well as where we might end up camping for the night. I gave an older copy to friends, so now they order a new edition each year. The listings are pretty accurate, the directions always get us to where we want to be.
  • Shunka Witco "Crazy Dog" - Pigs on the wingPink Floyd fans tend to be a fanatical, opinionated lot, and I'm no exception. (I remember that my friends and I considered Dark Side of the Moon a sellout album, because most of the songs contained lyrics!) In any case, as I fill in the holes in my music collection, I find that this album must be present in its entirety, which of course is the way it was designed and released. Perhaps only one other (Wish You Were Here) approaches the stature of Animals in my mind, and I'm surprised I was able to go a decade or more without hearing the whole opus start to finish. This is the band at the top of its game, all politics and bombast and good fun.