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  • Aleta Boers - Dr Phil's Life CodeDr Phil's Life Code is a great tool to learn what to do and how to utilize what you've just discovered. It's print size makes it an easy read book and the chapters are not too long so you can read a chapter then use the tools it showed you now to use, then at your pace you can move forward to the next chapter/tool. Going to suggest several people I know to read this and put it into practice.
  • L. J. L. Engelen "Lucien Engelen" - What if Dr. House used Twitter.Ok it's a world's first : a book about the use of (social) media in Healthcare that gives a extensive insight in all the different tools that are present and how they can be used in healthcare/medicine.

    A book badly needed since a lot of people are using social networks for use around healthcare related topics. Still in medical education this is not addressed in medical school. Partially because there where no good books about that topic yet, up until now that is. Healthcare professionals are not alone in this by the way, almost 70% of CEO aren't using social media either.

    Written by a young Doctor who after graduation got his Suma Cum Laude PhD at the University of Budapest Bertalan Meskó. As long as i know him (2009) he dedicated his life to making information more accessible for both patients and caregivers. With his platform Webicina.com he provides curated info disease-based, with all kinds of social media presence of it. He created the first ever University course on Social Media for medicine that he is sharing for free, and now he showed his latest "mojo" : a book "Social Media in Clinical Practice"

    Reading it two things come to mind :

    1.The gigantic amount of information and use of social media in healthcare already, but only by a small part of Healthcare professionals.
    2. Professionals NOT yet working in the arena create some new kind of literacy for themselves.

    He spoke about the topic on my latest TEDxNijmegen and the day after addressed over 100 students from our University.
    his book should be on the list of mandatory books for medical students. I will try to do so at our University in Nijmegen. So, strongly recommended reading : Social Media in the Medical Practice by @berci
  • ItHertzWhenIP - Debbie from rural DallasWhen you are getting Astroturfed, you know that you are doing something right.

    This is an issue that needs to be addressed and Telcos trying to smother the debate while it is in its crib is shameful.

  • Bernhard Groll - Well-written and informativeClay Shirky does a very good job documenting and explaining how new technological tools (e-mail, weblogs, wikis etc.) have, after becoming widely accessible, revolutionized how social groups can form, interact and achieve their goals.

    He cites the usual suspects like e.g. Linux and Wikipedia as exceptional feats in free collaboration. But there are a lot of other interesting stories about small and large groups with vastly different objectives in the book you have probably never heard of.

    And more importantly, while he explains how these projects and the tools they use work (in a way geared toward non-techies), the book is really about why they work from a sociological point of view. It is delighting to notice all those communities and group projects that have come out of nowhere to, seemingly without organization, build something for themselves and others. But it is really enlightening to read Shirky's well-written explanation of the underlying principles.

    The book is fun to read and, considering its topic's impact on society, should be of interest to just about everybody.
  • Mary Ann Longo "Paul J. Longo-PJL" - Great PlayerOur old player was under water in Hurricane Sandy and had to be replaced when we returned to our home in May. Consumer Reports rated this Blu-ray Player very highly and they didn't steer me wrong. It is easy to operate, has a great picture and was reasonably priced. We are very happy with it.