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  • Ilker Yucel (oyucel@annapolis.net) - Another excellent effortGood instrumentals with good blues and acoustic rock. "Take It Back" sound a lot like a U2 song, but that doesn't mean it's not a good song. "High Hopes" is the real gem on the album. An excellent song with a wide open feel that is accentuated by the tolling of the bell in the background. "What Do You Want From Me" is a good bluesy song that is trademark David Gilmour. Every song is meticulously crafted into what is one of Floyd's best albums. Prof. Stephen Hawking's appearance on "Keep Talking" is a very interesting addition. Either way, this album is definitely worth a listen.
  • C. Marley - Great book everyone should readIf you would like to see a prescription for how to fix the problems our country has today, you should read this book. If Coolidge and Mellon's ideas were used today we would have prosperity for all. Sadly that will never happen. Also, I highly suggest you read "The Forgotten Man". We have never been more forgotten than we are today.