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  • W. Thompson "F1 Fanatic" - Good but priceyThis product works. It absolutely helped me stop sweating so much after nothing else did.

    The only trick for me is it does take a few days of using it in a row to make it work. Afterwards weekly maintenance mostly is all that's needed but it always takes a few times to get it started and it's become expensive for me but worth it.
  • LB "lorie" - AmazingThis product is amazing. It grows edible gardens with minimum care and absolutely no soil. I planted my salad greens garden on Dec. 4. Within 2-3 days the seeds begin to sprout; in exactly 26 days I was eating salad grown on my kitchen counter. The only "gardening" I have had to do was add nutrient tablets a couple of times, add water (twice a week since the plants have matured)and raise and lower the lamp as needed. Setting this up was as simple as popping in two light bulbs, attaching a lamp shade, filling a bowl with water and dropping pre-planted seeds into holes. My kindergarten age kids are just as excited as I. My 5 year old niece exclaimed on her last visit, "Wow! That plant is really getting big!" I harvest about 2 salads every other day and pick lettuce for sandwiches daily. All you need for sucess is to follow the directions that come with the garden. I highly recommend this product. I have already given it as a gift, and I am considering buying another so that I have herbs and lettuce growing in my kitchen at the same time. Who needs to worry about e-coli?
  • Harold Slater - Dare to Read Something ProvokingI'll have to admit that I bought the book because of the obtuse and bigoted FOX News interview of the author. I wanted to see what had the religious right up in arms now. "Zealot" is a carefully researched and documented look at Jesus of Nazareth in his own historical setting, by a professional comparative religious teacher with impeccable educational credentials and reputation. It appreciates who Jesus was and helps explain some of the dynamics that led to his execution for "treason" against the Roman Empire with the help of the Jewish religious establishment, whose power he undermined and threatened. Aslan also attempts to show how the Church, once it became the state religion of the dying Roman Empire, toned down and domesticated the radical Jesus. The book, frankly, made me struggle with some of my own understandings of Jesus and elements in the scriptures that I had glossed over as a clergy entrusted with the preaching task. I am still digesting some of the book's suggestions and assertions long weeks since reading the book from cover to cover in about three days. The book does not "destroy" the bible or the authority of Jesus for Christians, but it does push us to a deeper, more realistic understanding of his human situation and ministry. It does not give easy answers that can translate directly to our times, but it shows his insight and creative means of addressing the injustice of his times and is a challenge for us to do the same in our historic moment. Whether you end up agreeing or disagreeing with the author, it is a book that will stir your own thinking.